On April 14, 2017, the complete album of “The Search for Everything” was finally released. This album is a combination of all Mayer’s styles in one. It has jazzy and bluesy tracks, but also pop tunes and a few rock ballads. Since the album was released in two waves of four songs each, there were only four new, previously unreleased songs that came with this album. “In the Blood,” “Theme from “The Search for Everything,”‘ “Never on the Day You Leave,” and “Rosie” all have different sounds and vibes.

“In the Blood”

This ballad is a very existentially questioning tune. Mayer sings and asks “How much of my love will be insane to some degree? And what about this feeling that I’m never good enough? Will it wash out in the water or is it always in the blood?” The clapping in this tune makes this an easy song to listen to and burst out to sing to. There is a sense of family and nature in the song and whether or not we can change and stray from who we were born into and who we were born as.

“Theme from “The Search for Everything”‘

This instrumental is a very under appreciated track on this album. This is Mayer’s first non-lyrical track. One of the things fans loves about John Mayer is his ability and talent on guitar. This tune carries the listener through a journey with the sparse and soothing vocals and the soft strums. It is a good halfway point of the album to refresh and calm the listener.

“Never on the Day You Leave”

In an interview, Mayer said that this was the saddest song he has ever written. It lacks any hope, as well as belief, ambition, and promise. This song is an exquisitely and gracefully heartbreaking tune in the most delicate way. Mayer sings about how one does not think of the consequences of leaving. One does not ponder their regrets of leaving and not being with the person when they are being irrational and selfish. The jazzy guitar is calming and reassuring despite the disheartening lyrics.


“Rosie” combines Mayer’s calming and smooth voice with a groovy tune with guitar and drums. This song is both nostalgic and hopeful. It is also dejecting as Mayer is hopeful for something that will never happen. Mayer sings the Spanish terms “perdón” and “lo siento” and brings a fun vibe to the song.

John Mayer’s new album brings fans yet another melodious track-list that will have them listening over-and-over. Listen to this new album while doing some homework or if you need a study break!

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