It’s that time of year! Summer has come to a close and students are back at the promised land that is JMU, but this time things feel a little different. That’s right folks, the real world is in plain sight and adulthood is about to hit us like a freight train. Underclassmen, be warned that senior year creeps up really quickly! It feels like I was just experiencing my 1787 Orientation, moving into my dorm, and being embraced by my parents as they sent me off into an intimidating new world. It’s crazy to think that college comes completely full circle. Here I am a senior in college, apprehensive about the intimidating new world I’ll be entering upon graduation.


As an incoming freshman, I thought the seniors had everything figured out. After all, they were ancient! I was sure that they already had job offers and the perfect lifestyle lined up following graduation. Turns out, I was far off. College is such a whirlwind, you blink and suddenly 3 years are in the rearview mirror. When considering different colleges, I remember asking older students from my high school about their experiences. Looking back, they all stated how quickly time flew by during college. From the moment you step foot on JMU’s campus the clock immediately starts ticking. Of course on a day-to-day basis time can seemingly drag on and on. Whether it’s the lengthy paper you wish would write itself or the huge midterm you’re cramming for, at times you may wish college away. Being in college for nearly four years, you fall into a routine. All of your friends are close by and it almost seems as if it’ll never end. Remember this: nothing lastsΒ forever. Cherish the fun moments and learn from the not-so-fun moments!

The start of senior year definitely sparks a sense of panic, but also a sense of excitement! Yes, your time in college is coming to a close but this just means it’s time to make the most of it, no need to dwell on the sadness of graduating. Explore all that Harrisonburg has to offer! Go hiking, go to the farmer’s market, explore downtown, or maybe even just grab lunch with an old friend you never see. Don’t walk across the stage with any regrets or “what ifs.”

So seniors, starting off your last first week of undergraduate classes, remember that it’s totally fine to not have everything figured out! Make the most of all the “lasts” and embrace the awkward limbo between being a college student and adult.

One thought on “The Last First Day

  1. I just signed up for the Daily Duke, and this is the first post I’ve read. You’re so right and couldn’t have said it better, Brooke! I’m class of 1982 and wow did the time go fast! Cherish EVERY minute, and remember, ONCE a Duke, ALWAYS a Duke. Love coming back to visit every chance I get!! GO DUKES!!!


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