Now that we’re beginning to settle into our classes and new busy schedules, it’s time to start making the most of every moment here at JMU. As Dukes, we are also members of the wonderful Harrisonburg community, and there are so many new – and even not so new – places for us to explore!

What’s new?

Hburg has done it again! More new places for us to get off campus and indulge have been recently added to our downtown:

jimmy madisonsMagnolias, Jimmy Madison’s: If you’re looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the view with friends on a nice day in Harrisonburg, these newly opened rooftops are the places to be!

  • Sabor A Mexico: If you’re getting sick of your favorite cheap Mexican restaurant, check out this newly opened spot on Main St. to score some great lunch and dinner specials!
  • BoBoKo Indonesian Café: If you’re the foodie of the group, bring your friends here to try some traditional Indonesian and Southeast Asian fusion foods!

It’s not really new, but is it new for you?

One cool thing about our community is that there’s always something new (or, new to you) to try and love. Here are some simple ways to change up your routine and get the best of Harrisonburg:

  • Get out for a night of fun and music instead of staying in, and check out a live band somewhere like the Golden Pony! Tonight’s 8pm line up is Mr. Husband, Bishops, and Psychonaut at only $7 admission at the door. Check out the rest of the Golden Pony’s event schedule here!ponyponypony-64
  • Skip Food Lion on your next food shopping trip and shop for your groceries at Harrisonburg’s Friendly City Food Co-op, or check out our downtown Farmer’s Market on Saturday and Tuesday mornings!

232817 Valley Scholars at the Farmers Market Selects-1004

  • Next time you’re running downtown for a bite to eat at your favorite – and sometimes over-visited – restaurant, why not track down a food truck and explore a new type of yummy? Some of my favorites are Grilled Cheese Mania, Mashita and Tacos el Primo! To find out where these trucks and others are spending their day, click here.
  • If you’re tired of the same boring team-building group meetings, sign up for the TEAM Challenge Course with UREC. To sign up, visit the site and get your team excited!

With all of these ways to dive into what’s new and different in Harrisonburg, it’s hard not to explore our home. Getting out there is always exciting, adventurous and a great way to become a member of our community, and that’s what being a Duke is all about! Happy first weekend of the semester!

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