As a senior about to experience her last recruitment, I have a few words of advice for those interested in rushing a sorority- or PNMS (potential new members)- and sisters currently in a sorority.

Don’t blink. Take it all in.

The sore feet from wearing heels that you’ve just realized are way too high.

The cheers and chants echoing up and down the row, even if you’re sick of hearing the same ones for four days.

The brick wall pictures that flood your Instagram timeline.

The truth is, this will be your home for the next four years.

These strangers that you’re surrounded with will become your sisters, women you will share memories with forever.

You’ll meet a sister for lunch or coffee, and they may end up being your big.

The day after bid day, you’ll walk around in your new sorority’s shirt, waving to one of 200 women wearing one just like you, having no clue she’ll become your best friend.

You’ll have no more room in your t-shirt drawer because you’ll have to make room for way too many oversized t-shirts and tanks to count.

You’ll spend way too many nights at Carrier or ECL, doing a little too much socializing with your new sisters and not too much studying.

Live in the house. You’ll never get a chance to live with 25 of your best friends ever again.

You’re going to meet your best friends and you’ll wonder how you’ve ever lived without them-it will feel like you’ve known each other your entire lives.


For those like myself going through their last recruitment, take pictures and lots of them. Don’t delete the bad ones, you’ll have something to laugh about once you’re graduated.

Bond with your pledge class. This will be one of the last times you’re all together.

Scream your chants at the top of your lungs. Don’t be afraid to lose your voice (we all know it’s going to happen anyway).

Don’t be afraid to cry! Bring waterproof mascara, it’ll be your best friend.

Don’t forget the feeling you felt when you opened your bid card for the first time and looked beside you to see one of your rho gamma group members is holding the same one.

Don’t forget the feeling when you ran home for the first time, into the arms of screaming girls you’ve never met.

Lastly, don’t take a single moment for granted. Don’t wish this time away. Treasure every moment, and make this recruitment your best ever.













One thought on “My Last Sorority Recruitment…As Told By a Senior

  1. Memories!!! You are so right! Soak it all up! I lived in the house all of my 3 years in ASA at JMU and loved every minute! I was pledge class president and treasurer for 2 years. The best decision I made was to be greek at JMU!!! Have fun!


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