Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston with 52 inches of rain last week making it the most devastating storm the U.S. has seen since 2005. Harvey damaged about 94,000 homes and killed at least 45 people as it pummeled the Texas coast with its strong winds and record-breaking flooding.

Watching people of all ages having to leave their homes not knowing if their possessions will be ripped away from them is enough to make anyone feel the need to help. We cannot change the events that have occurred; all we can do is focus on helping those that need the most right now.

American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Austin Pets Alive!, Direct Relief, and the Houston SPCA are a few non-profit organizations that are helping with hurricane relief. Descriptions of how you can help with these organizations are shown below. There are also shops and restaurants around Harrisonburg, such as Jack Browns and The Dollar Tree, that have helped with relief efforts. A full list of organizations that are helping Hurricane victims can be found on the Public Good website.


Although the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is hundreds of miles away from us in Harrisonburg, it’s important to think about how we can truly be the change by giving back and serving others.

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