One of the things I noticed right away when I embarked on my college journey three years ago is that money disappears very quickly. After buying textbooks, a JMU parking pass, school supplies, groceries, paying rent and other bills, and splurging on the occasional dinner out with friends, my bank account is well on its way to being drained of all the funds I accumulated from my summer job—and it’s only the second week of September. If you’re like me, all that spending means one thing: Find a job, ASAP. But finding a job is bound to be stressful and time-consuming, right? Thanks to all the resources JMU has lined up for students seeking part-time employment, it doesn’t have to be!

JMU has dedicated a lot of time and effort into making the student employment search as easy and streamlined as possible, and I’m going to attempt to do the same in this post! Here is a compilation of the resources JMU offers, as well as some on-campus jobs that are currently hiring (plus a few off-campus and volunteer opportunities!).


JMU JobLink – Here you can find listings for many of the on-campus employment opportunities offered to JMU students, all in one place. JobLink allows students to conveniently view, save, and apply to jobs.

231931 Carroll Ward Advising Photos-1001.jpgCareer and Academic Planning (CAP) – CAP is an invaluable resource for students seeking information about jobs and internships. Make an appointment to speak with someone in the office, or create an account on Recruit-A-Duke, one of the services CAP offers to students looking for part-time employment, summer internships, post-grad jobs, and more.

Community Service-Learning (CS-L) – JMU CS-L offers tons of opportunities for students to get involved as volunteers for local organizations in the Harrisonburg community. They also offer some incredible alternative breaks!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 10.04.33 AM.pngLooking to head off campus for work? Check out the JMU Student Employment page for listings from employers in the greater Harrisonburg area! Also check out their helpful tips.

Jobs currently hiring

JMU Dining Services (Aramark) – Working for dining services is great because of the convenient locations around campus. You’ll also meet a lot of new people, and pay starts at $9/hour! Apply now

231644 Stock Images of Campus Buildings-1386.jpgJMU Bookstore (Follett Higher Education Group) – The bookstore is always looking for part-time workers to assist with a variety of different tasks—plus, who wouldn’t want a discount on the coolest new Dukes gear? Apply now

JMU Parking Services – Are you a pro at recalling which lots around campus you’re allowed to park in and when? If so, then this may be the job for you! Work a minimum of 10 hours a week, and get paid to traverse JMU’s beautiful campus! Apply now

Madison Connection – The best on-campus job ever (I work here, but I’m not biased or anything). Seriously, the people are great, and you get to have a hand in improving the university for future Dukes. What more could you ask for? Apply now

234069 1787 UREC-FEST-1072.jpgUREC – Okay, they’re not hiring until October, but it’s good to be prepared, right? What’s better than heading to work and then getting a killer workout in right after? UREC also offers practicums and internships! More info

And that’s not all… don’t forget to check the above resources to see all positions currently hiring on campus!

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