Calling all fashionistas! The Daily Duke team has searched long and hard to come up with the most recent fashion trends on JMU’s campus for the upcoming fall season. Whether you’re headed to class or stepping out for a night with friends, you won’t want to miss these hot trends. Checkout what the Dukes are sporting this fall!

Casual On-Campus Trends: 

  1. Sneakers–not only are they comfortable and functional, sneakers are definitely in fashion this fall season. Grab a pair of white converse or adidas and kick it to class!

    2. OverallsIMG_0995 (1)

A little on the daring side, overalls give off a rustic, trendy vibe that has caught on quickly around Harrisonburg. Throw on your favorite off-the-shoulder top underneath for a cute look. Want your own overalls? Check out Forever 21 or H&M for dozens of options!

     3. Athletic Wear

Nothing’s wrong with looking like you just came from the gym! Comfort is important, especially when spending a full day on campus.

     4. Birkenstocks

Although they receive a lot of backlash, Birkenstocks (or Birks) are the perfect shoe to kick it to class! This versatile shoe can easily be dressed up or down.

     5. Oversized T-shirts

In college, sometimes it’s all you can do to drag yourself out of bed in the morning. This calls for oversized t-shirts and leggings! Perhaps add bralette to give a little flair to your lazy day attire!

     6.  JMU gearIMG_0970

It’s always appropriate to rep the JMU Dukes! Whether it’s a comfy JMU sweatshirt or a trendy t-shirt you customized yourself, this is a solid outfit choice for any day of the week-especially game day!

Trends for Dressing Up:

  1. Bralettes–known for their ability to spice up any boring outfit, as well as their comfort, bralettes have skyrocketed in popularity the past couple of years. Shop at Urban Outfitters or American Eagle for an endless selection of bralettes!

     2. JumpsuitsIMG_0956
Cute, comfy, and trendy! Think of a bodysuit as a romper with pants- easily the most comfortable outfit to go out in this fall! Pair with some lace up ballet flats for a little extra sass.     

3. Bodysuits

Bodysuits are an essential to any college girl’s wardrobe. Try a nice front criss-cross or a simple off-the-shoulder bodysuit and couple it with your favorite ripped jeans or skirt.

     4. SkirtsIMG_0891

Jean or suede skirts are a go-to when heading out on a Friday night! Slip on a bodysuit, add your favorite pair of wedges, and you’ll be ready to go!

    5. Flat form sandals 


Flat form sandals are back with a vengeance! All across campus you can find different styles, heights, and colors of this eye-catching shoe. From slip-ons to sandals, there are endless possibilities with flat forms!

    6. Wrap NecklacesIMG_0947

The great thing about wrap necklaces is that they come in so many different colors and styles! Tasseled or beaded, bold or dainty, leather or lace- it is so easy to customize this trend to make it fit your own personal style.

Dukes, what is YOUR favorite fashion fad? Comment below to share your thoughts!

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