For many of us, the library is where we can buckle down and power through all of those dreaded assignments. Some choose Carrier, while others prefer ECL. No matter where you prefer to study, it cannot go unsaid that Carrier is much more than just a library. The inside is a bustling ecosystem that is home to many unique creatures.

Think of this as the Discovery Channel’s version of Carrier Library. A brief look at what one could find on each of the floors of Carrier on any given day.



Welcome to the basement of Carrier. For many of you, these images are a few snapshots into a world unknown. To answer your question; yes, this is a place. The place where people willingly go to spend hours jammed between two wooden boxes in isolation. You will find that you can enter the basement a boy/girl, but emerge as a man/woman. These basement dwellers, as they’ve come to be known, live for the moments of eye contact with fellow dwellers. Both sternly providing a subtle head-nod, as if to say, “You know why we’re here.” They are not afraid to emerge from the darkness with popped blood vessels in their eyes and 100 texts from their roommate asking where they’ve been. Inhabitants of the basement find themselves having to justify their study spot to their friends, often with little success. If you’re one of the skeptics, feel free to venture downstairs into the Innovation Lab where you can find future masters of the industry 3-D printing or creating their magnum-opus.



This place is home to a vast array of individuals. The first group of people you are likely to encounter are the caffeine addicts–not to be confused with people who enjoy the occasional Cup of Joe in the morning. These people will waddle through the Starbucks line as zombies, get their drink of choice, and then miraculously transform into productive members of society.  It is not wise to disturb them while they wait to receive their elixirs of life. 

Just around the corner from Starbucks, there is always a smorgasbord of people. You will notice that the study section is rarely vacant and a fast pace is crucial for ensuring yourself a seat at a table. The regulars understand this and will claim a territory early on then defend it for hours. Right beside these folks are a group of people known as the complainers. They get their name from the thing they do best, they complain. You will see these people sprint into the back of the room, plop their books down, and vent to their friend who was, up until this point, trying to work. They complain about how busy they are, but then quickly pack-up and proceed to go home to nap.

The remaining folk are either only there to meet someone for the first time, print something, or watch Netflix on their computer. If you happen to meet someone that is headed to study hard on the first floor, rest assured that they are a member of the unspoken quiet section. This zone is distinct from any other portion of the first floor. One must be cautious about making their presence known; these people mean business and will make this clear if you decide to test them with whispers of conversation.



The second floor is a relatively complex environment. It is helpful to separate the floor into three distinct parts. On the far-side of the floor are several small study rooms designed for group projects. This area also includes a select number of spots where students can get work done with a view. The main section of the floor is identified rather easily. Simply look for the collection of Greek letters and or other organizations’ logos. Many of the individuals who work here are remarkably skilled at working in a chaotic environment. There are many who cannot focus in such an environment, and yet choose to come here anyway. This group is highly skilled at people watching, distracting their friends with people’s Snapchat stories, and binge-watching Netflix between classes. Within the same vicinity, one can find a quiet room lined with glass windows. Don’t be fooled by the label though, for this section is often comprised of people loudly chewing on their food while others attempt to tune them out.



Welcome to the infamous third floor. The inhabitants of this floor are the legends. Many assume a great deal about them, but few actually know what they are like. The people of the third floor are a driven group of individuals who willingly disconnect from the outside world in its entirety for hours on end. They are caffeinated, but not just from coffee. Their study space is lined with a graveyard of crumpled-up energy drinks and empty Slim Jim wrappers. You can often find them inches away from their textbook with 300 pages still left to go. They feel right at home being situated in “the stacks”, where they and a handful of others attempt to be isolated, while simultaneously being as close to other people as humanly possible. The atmosphere is one of silence and fear. They feed off-of the brave souls who enter the floor with their sound-on or with a backpack zipper that’s stuck. Focused and direct, these people will one day enjoy the sun’s rays, but not anytime soon. It is rare to find a third-floor dweller leaving. However, in the event that you do happen to find one leaving, don’t say or wave goodbye; salute them.

What floor do you like to inhabit in Carrier? Comment below and let us know!

Photos by Carrie Chang.

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