At 1:09pm Sunday, October 8th, JMU Nation exploded after College GameDay announced their highly anticipated return to Harrisonburg.

JMU’s official Twitter account made their own spin on College GameDay’s announcement.

As for JMU Sports, they responded with a hype video sure to give you chills in the excitement of ESPN’s arrival.

The stars aligned for JMU once again, as the Dukes’ undefeated season, National Championship title and 17-game win streak (continued from last year’s undefeated season), secured the Dukes’ bid for College GameDay round two.

Some unattractive FBS matchups along with major upsets like Utah’s loss to Stanford and Troy beating out LSU, certainly helped JMU secure our spot with GameDay.

In 2015, College GameDay called the estimated crowd of 12,000 JMU fans one of the best when host Rece Davis said, “FCS, SEC… nothing better than JMU!”

The opening to 2015’s GameDay says it all. “James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, and MOTHER of College GameDay crowds!”

Want more updates on this week’s College GameDay events? Stay tuned to The Daily Duke as well as JMU’s official social media accounts for more updates throughout the week!

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