Whether you love ’em or you hate ’em, every JMU student has to take general education classes. Either way, you have to admit they serve a pretty important purpose in our JMU experience: our gen ed classes open students’ minds to think critically about topics important in today’s society and teach them to apply the skills they learn to real-world situations. Our outcomes-based general education program has been nationally recognized for the way it was designed.

With scheduling right around the corner, we decided to compile a list of 10 student favorites, so you can find the perfect gen ed for every cluster.

  • WRTC 103, Cluster 1

Corinne Schmidt took the writing gen ed with Michael Critzer her first year at JMU. Corinne enjoyed the class because Professor Critzer took the time to teach about creative writing, and allowed students to choose topics that interested them for papers, rather than giving a specific subject to everyone.

  • SCOM 123, Cluster 1

Brooke Withers chose the group human communication course to fulfill her requirement. She took the class with Michael Gulotta, who no longer teaches at JMU, but she enjoyed that the class prepared her for all the upcoming group projects she would have in her major and minor.

  • ARTH 206, Cluster 2

Katie Vaughn took one of the art history gen eds with Jessica Stewart. In Katie’s opinion, the best part about Professor Stewart’s teaching style was not only how thorough she was, but that she delivered the material in a funny, lively way in order to engage students. Katie loved that Professor Stewart got really excited to teach her classes.

  • CHEM 131, Cluster 3

Savannah Boxley took this chemistry class with Christine Hughey. Savannah liked Dr. Hughey’s class because she made the material interesting, and explained things clearly and thoughtfully.

  • ANTH 196, Cluster 3

Haley Paterson is taking biological anthropology with Joshua Linder. One of Haley’s favorite things about Dr. Linder’s teaching style is that he keeps the class engaged and interested. She also mentioned that he is a very fair grader.

  • SOCI 110, Cluster 4

Selina McCartney took this class with Aaron PeeksMease, and she especially liked that the class explored the roots of social issues. She appreciated Dr. PeeksMease’s enthusiasm for the topic and teaching in general. Selina mentioned, “I think [SOCI 110] also gets to the core of what… general education classes are supposed to be about. The class opens a lot of people up to a new way of thinking…”

  • ANTH 195, Cluster 4

I took ANTH 195 with Clare Terni my freshman year and I loved it. Professor Terni’s witty personality and passion for cultural anthropology made the already-interesting subject matter even better. The class was extremely relevant to current social issues, something I was not necessarily expecting from an anthropology class.

  • POSC 225, Cluster 4

Renee Rocco had Rob Alexander for this political science class. She liked that Dr. Alexander presented material in a manner that was intriguing, and especially appreciated that he took a neutral position and explored all sides in political debates. She also enjoyed that Dr. Alexander related historical discussions to current events in the political science sphere today.

  • ECON 200, Cluster 4

Nadia Hamad is currently taking macroeconomics with Vipul Bhatt. She appreciates that the class “offers perspectives on relevant issues”, and added that she likes the mix of critical thinking skills and math concepts it combines.

  • PSYC 160, Cluster 5

Caroline Brandt took this psychology gen ed with Kay Walsh. She loved how engaging Professor Walsh made the material. Caroline said the class was so fun, and Professor Walsh’s personality was so great, that she looked forward to going to every class even though it was early in the morining. 

Not sure which gen ed clusters you still need to fulfill? Take a look at the checklist!

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