Registration for the spring 2018 semester begins November 6th! We all know the frustrations that come with registration. Logging on to My Madison and seeing your shopping cart filled with those little blue boxes can be daunting. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your enrollment appointment goes smoothly this year!

Visit the MAP Office!

If you’ve never heard of the MAPS or Madison Advising Peers, they are a group of students whose job is to help you with any general advising questions you may have. They can help you make a four-year plan, change your major or minor, or assist you in planning your schedule for next semester. It is a free resource and no appointment is necessary! You can visit the MAP office for general advising needs located in Roop 201 Monday-Thursday, 10am-5pm. If you are Business, Pre-Professional Health or in the Honors College, there are other MAP office locations just for you!

Use the Schedule Planner

Did you know you can plan multiple schedules on My Madison? Any time you add a class to your shopping cart, the schedule planner will generate schedules for you with all possible options. You can even schedule breaks into your schedule planner when you do not want to take classes. The schedule planner is located on the left side in the enrollment shopping cart page.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.01.56 PM.png

Swap, Don’t Drop!

When you’re enrolling, it’s always possible for a more desirable class time to suddenly become open when you’re in the 8 a.m. section of a CHEM class, for example. Make sure you use the “swap” option and not the “drop” option when switching into a different class. Simply select the “swap” option, choose the class from your schedule that you wish to swap with the class in your shopping cart that you want to add instead. This way, you don’t lose your spot in the CHEM class if the class happens to close as you’re swapping it. If you use the drop option instead, you risk losing your spot in the class.

Utilize the Academic Requirements Page

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand the requirements that you need to meet before graduation. On My Madison, in the student center, there is an academic requirements page that is tailored to your specific degree, major, minor, concentration, etc. Here, you can find a list of the requirements that you’ve met and still need to meet, as well as courses that will fulfill those requirements.

Search Gen-Ed Classes All At Once!

Did you know you can search classes that you still need to fulfill for Gen-Ed credit for a specific cluster all at once? When you go to search for a class, scroll down to the “additional search criteria” option where you will see the option to input a “course keyword.” This keyword can be found on the general education cluster sheet in parentheses with two **, for example, cluster three physical principles’ course keyword is (**C3T1G2). 

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.24.08 PM.png

Good luck with registration, Dukes! Make sure to check your enrollment appointment on My Madison!

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