Harrisonburg, VA is known for its wide selection of amazing foods.  In particular, the downtown area around JMU is packed with a number of pubs and burger joints. We went through JMU students favorite spots and compiled a list of the best burgers in the ‘Burg!

To warm up our list, Capital Ale House is great downtown location to get an amazing burger! Located at 41 Court Square, these burgers will satisfy you and fill you up.  Made with local Virginia beef, these burgers are large in size and challenging to finish! We rank this burger fifth out of the burgers we tried.

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Corgans’ Publick House is Harrisonburg’s only Irish Pub, and serves the fourth best burger in the ‘Burg! It’s located conveniently at 865 Port Republic Road and offers an authentic and original Irish menu. While the menu is loaded with Irish specialty meals, the burgers are bound to impress you. The Frank J Burger is loaded with Pepper Jack, bacon, and chipotle mayo, and is a clear crowd favorite.

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Jimmy Madison’s takes third place with their amazing burgers! Located on 121 S Main St, Jimmy Madison’s creates their burgers with a southern twist. While they only feature four different types of burgers, you will not be disappointed with the selection. These burgers boost a “steakhouse” taste loaded with steak sauce and bacon and topped with a filling brioche bun! Jimmy Madison’s has one of the largest interiors and even has a rooftop area.

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The second best burger in Harrisonburg is an obvious favorite: Jack Brown’s. Located on 80 S Main St, Jack Brown’s features classic American Burgers, with your favorite toppings. Jack Brown’s is known for its great atmosphere and amazing food. From burgers loaded with Mac-and-Cheese and chips to burgers that come with hotdogs on top! Still looking to try something else? Jack Brown’s has daily burger specials to keep you coming back every day of the week! Jack Brown’s was also featured on Business Insiders rankings of the best burgers in America!


And the best burger in Harrisonburg (drumroll please) can be found at Cuban Burger.  Located on 70 W Water St, this is one of Harrisonburg’s best hidden gems! From the authentic and unique interior, to its juicy and decadent burgers – you will never be disappointed.  Cuban Burger refers to their burgers as Fritas, and features a patty made of 80% beef and 20% pork shoulder. This Cuban style beef explains the abundance of flavor and spice this burger packs! Cuban Burger was even featured in a Thrillist article, mentioning that it is one of the best burgers in Virgina!

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Do you disagree with our list? What are your favorite burger spots, Dukes?





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