Campus was abuzz with whispers among students who noticed eight letters with candles displayed on the Wilson hall steps this morning. Word quickly spread that the equivocal IN8 Reticent Order had recognized its eight outstanding students for the semester.


If you’re not sure what IN8 is or does, you’re part of the majority. IN8 is a secret society here at JMU, and their actions and involvement on campus are just that… a secret. IN8 does not unveil its members or mission, but we do know that each semester, it recognizes eight JMU students for their campus and community involvement and good deeds. Instead of revealing the members of IN8 and what they do, it seems the group would rather have the spotlight on the students who have enriched the JMU and local community throughout their time in Harrisonburg.

The students chosen for recognition this semester embody what appear to be IN8’s eight core values: Loyalty, Benevolence, Service, Justice, Integrity, Intellect, Character, and Spirit. These exemplary students’ service to campus and community has not gone unnoticed by IN8, who praised even seemingly-small acts of kindness, such as paying for someone’s meal.

After reading the sincere and eloquent letters written by IN8 to each student, it is clear they deserve to be commended for their accomplishments and tireless dedication to the communities they serve.

Scott Caravas

Letter Close Ups-1001

Jenna Hart

Letter Close Ups-1002

Jamie Woodall

Letter Close Ups-1003

Anthony Dalida

Letter Close Ups-1004

Scott Ingram

Letter Close Ups-1005

Mattie Marsh

Letter Close Ups-1006

Nicholas Tosti

Letter Close Ups-1007

Molly Murphy

Letter Close Ups-1008

IN8’s level of involvement on campus is unknown, but there are rumors that it contributes financially to the university. You may have noticed an odd-looking sundial on the quad before, which was also evidently donated to JMU by IN8, as it features its emblem.

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Curious to know more about IN8? Join the club. The organization has a website, which only features its logo and the following message: “The IN8 Foundation is a benevolent charitable organization supporting the James Madison University community.” There is, however, a contact link with an email, so perhaps a brave soul could reach out and try to find out more about its various deeds.

Heard any rumors about IN8? Comment and tell us what you know!

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