Every day, somewhere on campus, there is a JACard waiting to be found. If you haven’t experienced it already, at some point in your college career you are likely to encounter a lost card, or be the person who accidentally loses their own. The JACard is more than just a card, it’s a student’s life-line for food, printing, and access to buildings. It is essentially a campus passport. Due to this level of importance, losing one’s card comes with a price.

The first replacement is $15, and each additional card will set you back $20. With that being said, it is important that we all display some common courtesy whether we are the one returning, or receiving a JACard.

For the good Samaritan who sees someone’s card on the ground, stop and pick it up! The process does not require much effort. Simply send the cardholder a quick email (their JMU email located on the card), and ask to meet in person. Both parties involved should attempt to find a convenient, and public place on campus to meet. It is important to note that when a JACard is found, it is only helpful when the return is completed within a short period of time. If you put it off until your entire schedule is clear, the card will most likely be deactivated.


If you happen to be the unfortunate soul that loses their card, you shouldn’t panic. The first step is always to immediately deactivate your card through Card Services, either in person or over the phone. If Card Services is closed, Campus police are the next in-line to assist you. If you are able to recover your JAC after it has been deactivated, you can always reactive your card prior to purchasing a new one.  While MobileID cannot help with accessing dorm buildings, it is a great way to temporarily supplement access to certain amenities while you are without a JACard.

foundcardWe all have the occasional slip-up, the catastrophic morning where nothing goes our way. Especially during this time of year, students may become careless and forget to worry about the little things. For the individual that has paid for new cards (plural), and has a track record of losing personal items, it may be time for a wake-up call. Many students use rubber media wallets or card-holders that can be placed on the back of a phone case. For those that are especially absent-minded, the JMU bookstore offers lanyard card dispensers. The investment is well worth the price as all of these items are cheaper than paying for a replacement JAC.

Do you have any stories about missing JACards? Be sure to comment below!

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