It’s no secret that JMU students like stickers. Everywhere you look, there’s a laptop or a water bottle completely decked out in the adhesive graphics. Stickers are a great way of self-expression for students. Thanks to websites like Redbubble, you’re able to find just about anything in sticker form. From your favorite movies and tv shows to flowers and quotes, your options are endless. All my friends keep asking me, “Carrie, what stickers should I get from Redbubble?” I myself recently ordered some more for my computer.

What’s really cool is Redbubble actually lets you create your own stickers to sell as well. It’s helping independent artists from all around the world get their work out there. It’s totally free and could earn you a little extra money if your sticker designs are in high demand.

I decided to walk around Carrier Library and take pictures of people’s laptops with interesting stickers. I asked them to tell me which sticker was their favorite and why.

“My favorite sticker is either the butterfly or the hot air balloon because no one else has them. I actually joined a sticker club with [Lauren James] and I got stickers every month but now I’m no longer subscribed.”

-Junior Samantha Frain



“I’d have to say my favorite sticker is my ‘K’ sticker. I got it from one of my best friends for my birthday.”

-Sophomore Kassidy Dietz


“My favorite sticker is my ‘Julius Pepperwood’ sticker. It’s from New Girl.

-Junior Sydney Brian


“That’s a tough one. If I have to choose, I pick my ‘Wicked Smaht’ sticker. It’s from my favorite movie, Good Will Hunting.”

-Junior Megan


“My favorite sticker is my ‘peachy’ sticker because I say it all the time, it’s kind of like my saying.”

-Senior Cara Swartz


“My favorite sticker is the ‘Chanco on the James’ sticker because it’s the summer camp where I work.”

-Junior Hunter Lash


“I’ve been in Sigma Alpha Iota, the music service fraternity, for a year now, so I’d say that’s my favorite sticker.”

-Junior Sophia Lederman


“My favorite sticker is my Phi Alpha Delta sticker; it’s my pre-law fraternity.”              –Junior Grignoli Gianluca


“My MRD sticker is my favorite.”

-Junior Maryam Alomar


“My favorite sticker is the ‘that wasn’t very pop punk of u’ sticker because pop punk is one of my favorite genres.”

-Senior Liza Colletta


“The Kris Jenner sticker is my favorite because she’s my spirit animal.”

-Madison Puryear


“My favorite sticker is my Fleetwood Mac sticker.”

-Maddy Ammons


“My favorite sticker is my RVA sticker. ‘Nuff said.”

-Joey Lees


“My Spartan Race sticker is my favorite.”

-Sophomore Derek Urban


My laptop is pictured below. I love my polaroid sticker because I haven’t seen anyone with it, but my favorite is my colorful cactus because it was a gift from my sister.


I’d like to thank everyone who shared their sticker stories with us. Do you have a favorite sticker with a cool backstory? Let us know in the comments!

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