School spirit at JMU is infectious. So infectious, that students have started to brand themselves with it.

Recently, lip tattoos have become increasingly popular, and some JMU students took it as an opportunity to showcase their school spirit.

“I had always joked around with my friends about getting matching lip tattoos because I never really want to get a tattoo that is visible and I thought it was funny,” senior Alyssa Withrow, pictured below, said. “I was deciding what I wanted it to say until I walked into the tattoo shop. I knew if I got something about JMU I would never regret it!”


Senior Rachel, pictured below, got her “Go Dukies” lip tattoo with her three best friends to show off their “duke dog pride.”

“We got it last year in preparation for what turned out to be the best football season yet since JMU won the championships!” Rachel said.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 1.41.52 PM

Alex and her best friend got their “Dukez” lip tats when they found out College GameDay was coming to JMU, back in 2015.

“We honestly got it so we could flash it when people said, ‘show me your dukes.’ It’s a little awkward at the dentist, but definitely worth the $50,” Alex said.


The tattoos usually start at around $50 with a price increase depending on the complexity of the design. However, if you’re looking for a JMU tattoo to last forever, tattoo artists recommend coming back in for a touch-up as lip tattoos fade after a few years.

Inspired to get your own JMU-themed lip tat?  Click here to find a tattoo parlor in Harrisonburg.

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