Getting involved on campus is practically every Duke’s focus. One of the best things about being a JMU student is how many diverse opportunities we have to make our mark on Madison. However, academically, it’s sometimes hard to find an organization to help you thrive. Have you heard of JMU’s business fraternities?

What is a business fraternity?

The proper definition of a business fraternity from a website like Wikipedia is “an organization whose primary purpose is to promote the interests of a particular profession and whose membership is restricted to students in that particular field of professional education or study.” Of course here at JMU, Dukes have made business fraternities something far more than an interest in business.

What’s in it for me?

Our university recognizes an array of professional business fraternities. Among these organizations are Pi Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Chi Theta, and Epsilon Nu Tau. Each business fraternity on campus gives students an opportunity to gain professional skills, while also allowing them to form life-long bonds with brothers and become the best version of themselves.

Getting down to business with PSE.


I am a brother of Pi Sigma Epsilon. I joined my brotherhood the fall semester of sophomore year. So far, I think this is the one of my best decisions of my undergraduate career. I can assure you that a business fraternity is the perfect in-between of being a productive college student and having the time of your life. Pi Sigma Epsilon’s passion for community, professionalism and service highlight the significance of being a part of a brotherhood in your college life.

Pi Sigma Epsilon is the only national, professional, co-ed fraternity in marketing, sales management and selling open to all majors. James Madison University’s Delta Rho Chapter is a brotherhood of 94 members who share a similar interest in furthering themselves as professional leaders. In weekly general business meetings we plan for future events, community service opportunities, professional speakers and above all, enjoy our time together. 

With PSE, students can gain real-world experience while networking with other students and companies, both local and nationwide. For example, PSE holds an annual Golf Outing event planned and executed entirely by our brothers. Members of the community sign up to compete in or simply enjoy a day-long tournament at local Heritage Oaks Golf Course. This day is filled with friends, food, music, and raffle giveaways. PSE’s Golf Outing teaches our members how to effectively fundraise, market, organize and operate a successful and (I can attest) rewarding event. 

The unique experiences that Pi Sigma Epsilon and other JMU business fraternities have to offer students stem from the dedication we have to one another. A business fraternity hands members the opportunity to be involved in areas like:

  • Networking
  • Professional Speaking Events
  • Brother Bonding
  • Alumni Relations
  • Intramural Sports
  • Community Service
  • Marketing Events

If you’re interested in joining a business fraternity, then you’re in luck! Spring recruitment for business fraternities begins next week on January 22nd. Explore your options and go to a business fraternity’s informational event at the beginning of the two week recruitment period. 

Getting involved is easy!

JMU has a massive range of student organizations. Finding your fit can seem intimidating, and finding a productive fit can also be stressful. So if you’re looking for that perfect mix of business and pleasure, then a business fraternity may be you. For more information about the business fraternities on campus visit the JMU website and search for business fraternity options. Keep your eyes out for information on recruitment in the next couple weeks, Dukes.


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