If you have trouble budgeting and over-spending like myself, this post is for you. (You can always get back on track with budgeting by checking out this post!)

This past month, I found myself in some crippling post-holiday debt from spoiling my friends and family with gifts this year. Without a job at home, I ran into a problem: how was I going to pay off my credit card this month? I immediately started researching ways to make some fast cash and wound up making approximately $250. Here is how I did it!

Sell Clothes and Accessories on Poshmark

A friend told me about Poshmark and I downloaded the app, but never got around to listing clothes and accessories for sale because I didn’t think I had any to sell. When I got home for break last month, I found some things hiding in my closet that I had forgotten about: a Michael Kohrs wallet, rain boots I wore twice, a coat, and UGG boots I barely wore. With all the free time I had, I started listing the items and was shocked when I received hundreds of followers, all sharing, liking and commenting on my items. Everything sold in one week! I was pleasantly surprised and admittedly became a little addicted to the app. Poshmark does take a cut from the items you sell, but the prepaid shipping label that the customer pays for makes it worth it.

Sell old, broken or like-new electronics on Gazelle

I knew of the sell-your-electronics-for-cash company Gazelle, but had never used the service. I decided to create an account recently and submit a quote for an old, broken, shattered iPhone 6 that would not even turn on but I had sitting in a drawer for a while. I ended up getting $40 for the phone! The whole process was easy. Get a quote online, print out the prepaid shipping label, and ship! I got paid through PayPal within a week and a half. I highly recommend the quick and easy service.

Sell Things on Facebook

There are so many different Facebook pages where you can sell items to people who are local, if you’re impatient. I had a bunch of sorority sweatshirts and t-shirts I have purchased over the years that I barely wore anymore. So I posted on a Facebook page specifically for buying and selling clothes that has over 50,000 members in my sorority across the United States. Before I knew it, I had made over $80 just from clothes that I didn’t like as much as I thought I would.

Find Missing Money

This is probably the easiest money-making tip that I have. This website called missingmoney.comΒ will find any unclaimed money you may have, such as security deposits you never got back. All you do is enter your name and location and the website will tell you if you have any unclaimed funds. Although I didn’t find any missing funds for myself, when I searched for my Dad, he was listed as having unclaimed funds. He looked into it, and he found that he had an unclaimed stock that he purchased when he was in high school! It was only $50, but still a pretty cool find!

Sign up to be a “Mystery Shopper”

I just recently signed up to be an auditor through a website called Trend Source that hires most anyone to shop at a store and report findings such as customer service, products, etc. for about $10-15 a visit depending on the job and location. Companies will hire Trend Source to compile data on customer feedback so they can better improve their products and services. I don’t have experience with this yet, but I’m excited to try it out when I shop my first location next week!

Check out Cash Back Rewards with Your Credit Card Company

I have a Bank of America cash back rewards card that gives money back to me on purchases I make such as on groceries or gas. You can redeem the rewards in the form of a direct deposit or as credit toward your credit card payment once you reach a certain amount (mine is $25). I’ve used this feature countless times, and there are often local rewards deals valid for 30 days that give around 10% back to you. Pro tip: enable the VISA local rewards on your Uber app in settings for credit toward future rides!

And if all else fails, you could always test your luck and play the lottery! I once won $120 on a scratch off on my 18th birthday πŸ™‚

Have any additional tips to make some fast cash? Comment ways you’ve made money below!

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