Not only are professors and staff full of knowledge, they’re also a great source for advice. After all, they are humans that make mistakes and just like everyone else, they learn from them. We here at The Daily Duke thought it would be interesting to ask some of our incredible professors and staff what advice they would give to their college selves. This is what we found out:

Daily Duke senior, Brooke Withers, spoke to her summer 2016 study abroad professor, Dr. Carlos Aleman, and asked him to share his advice to himself in college:

Carlos-2013-e1392051392350“1.  Do a study abroad program, even if it’s just for the summer. If possible, do a program at a non-English speaking country.

2.  Pick up a minor or double major in a foreign language so that you can feel more comfortable in culturally diverse professional contexts, rather than just social.

3.  Don’t be in a hurry to just chill in your apartment or only hang out with your friends. Explore life, opportunities, and people inside and outside of the university campus.

4.  Follow up with the people on campus–such as faculty, peers, or staff– who want to support you to be awesome. Respect them as people with lives.”

Daily Duke senior, Jenny Amirante talked with her Public Relations professor, Shana Meganck. Here’s what she had to say:



“Don’t take things too seriously. You are only young once so if you don’t find the perfect job or get into the perfect graduate program right after you leave JMU, just remember that it will all be fine. Take the time to try out different internships, travel the world, meet inspiring people, and find your true passion while you can.”


Daily Duke editor, Michelle Mullins asked Dr. Mark Warner what advice he would give himself:



“Explore and discover. JMU will provide you opportunities and experiences that will help you create a meaningful life.”


Finally, I asked my current Aesthetics professor, Pia Anatolic-Piper, and she summed up her advice in one simple statement:




“Be now who you wish you had been 10-15 years from now.”



If you’re searching for some sound college advice, sometimes you have to look no further than your professors in front of you. Let us know any bits of wisdom your professors have shared with you!

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