The Madison Collaborative’s Ethical Reasoning in Action encapsulates eight important values to consider when making an ethical decision. Every first-year student learns these classic Eight Key Questions, with the acronym F.O.R.C.L.E.A.R. included with a packet of ethical dilemmas and tense deliberations, during 1787 Orientation Week.

When the Daily Duke team found out about the Eight Key Questions Song Contest, it wasn’t a matter of if we would enter a track, but when. The rules are fairly simple, which left our team with the job of producing our own catchy jingle.

With future generations of students in mind, The Daily Duke set out to create our magnum opus; an eclectic mixture of old-school hip-hop and tone-deaf enthusiasm designed to help our student body memorize the Eight Key Questions. Similar to a fine glass of wine, our song ages with time. We promise you that after your second listen, you will remember all eight questions whether you want to or not.

At this point, you realize that in just a minute and 30 seconds, The Daily Duke has achieved greatness. Vote for our song, or if our rhythmical tastes aren’t your style, one of the many other melodic entries into the contest. And most importantly, help us spread the word about ethical considerations! Voting for the song contest ends February 12th, at 11:59 p.m., so act soon and soar to new heights.

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