The Daily Duke loves to venture out into the Harrisonburg community, especially to try out food places around town. Our most recent trip was to Peace, Love, & Little Donuts (PLLD)!

A lovely mural inside of Peace, Love, & Little Donuts

This sweet shop offers more than just donuts and coffee. The menu and the walls are filled with bright colors–you might say this is a place for good vibes only.

The little donut section is actually quite large.

The shop has a wide variety of donuts. One great thing is that you can mix and match all of the flavors they have to offer. So if you’re dying to see what a lemon bacon donut tastes like, they can make it happen.

Peace, Love, & Little Donuts merchandise.

The shop also has cute merchandise that you can sport around campus. We bet you’ll want to rep this cute spot after you fall in love with the little donuts.

PLLD’s one year anniversary is coming up on this Tuesday, February 13th! That’s right before Valentines Day–and what better way to celebrate love than with some Peace, LOVE, & Little Donuts? So be sure to stop by Tuesday for some delicious and discounted donuts!

Have a favorite type of donut? Let us know in the comments!

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