Happy Presidents’ Day! To celebrate, I thought that it was fitting to share my recent experience visiting the White House.

All of the information about each room was taken from the informational signs in the White House.

Going to the White House was a really interesting and fun experience. Although a lot of the rooms were blocked off, it was really cool to see where our presidents spend most of their time. The first room that we saw was the library.


The library has over 2,700 books relating to American life. This room is used for teas, meetings, and press interviews.

Following the library, we went to the East Room.


This was my favorite room because of the story behind the painting of George Washington that is hanging in this room. It is the only object that has been in the White House since its first occupancy in 1800! It was only temporarily removed for safekeeping by Dolley Madison when the White House was burned in 1814. This room has been the scene of state dinners, receptions, concerts, weddings, and press conferences.

The next room we visited was the Green Room. This room is important because Thomas Jefferson hosted dinners in it. It has been a parlor since James Madison’s time (go Dukes). John Adams’ silver coffee urn and James and Dolley Madison’s French candlesticks are also displayed here. All of the furniture in the room was made in America between 1800 and 1815. IMG_4996IMG_4997

Next up was the oval-shaped Blue Room. President James Monroe furnished the room in the French style in 1817. Original objects include seven guided chairs, the sofa, and the clock on the mantel. Grover Cleveland, the only president to have a White House wedding, married his wife here in 1886.

The last room we saw was the Red Room. This room was a parlor since the early 19th century. it is often used by First Ladies to receive guests. President Rutherford Hayes took the oath of office here in 1877. The American Empire style furniture was made in New York between 1810 and 1830. The marble mantel has been in the White House since 1819.


Touring the White House was a very unique experience that I highly recommend if you are interested in learning more about the history of America!

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