A brand ambassadorship is a creative opportunity for any college student who wants to boost their resume, snag some free brand apparel, or get closer to a company they know and love to use. Depending on who you are and what company you represent, the title of Campus Ambassador can mean a variety of things. From the application process to the type of commitment, different companies offer different types of programs.


In order to learn more about the experience of being a Campus Ambassador, The Daily Duke spoke with Liza Mickens, a junior Communications major concentrating in Public Relations. Liza informed us of her role as a Daniel Wellington (DW) Campus Influencer for JMU. Ms. Mickens began representing Daniel Wellington this year, after being introduced to the brand by a former Campus Influencer. Following an online application and a phone interview, Liza was admitted into the program.

“The most valuable thing about this ambassadorship is the marketing experience I have gained. It has been incredible to curate social media content and facilitate on campus events for the brand. I also value being in a network of students who are also studying communications, marketing, and fashion. This semester I was able to take over the Daniel Wellington On Campus Instagram account when College Game Day came back to JMU. It was incredible to show off this university to strangers across the country. Game Day brings out the best example of school spirit JMU has to offer and people around the country got to see what we mean by ‘Go Dukes!'”

But brand ambassadorships can be challenging, and can come with sizable time commitments. For brand ambassadors like Liza, the opportunity to create social media content is both a blessing, and a curse.

“Last semester I was heavily involved in Student Ambassadors which made finding time to balance my brand ambassadorship a challenge. I have also personally struggled with comparing my content to those of other students attending fashion universities and interning in the fashion industry. Until the end of this semester I was the only Campus Influencer at JMU. This simply made planning and executing events on campus a little more difficult.”


While many fashion companies are quick to allow for student representatives, there are  other industries that offer campus ambassadorships. Among this group is Universal Pictures. Unlike DW, Universal offers a Campus Marketing Representative position, in the form of an internship. Hayley Hall, a senior double majoring in Communications and Media Arts and Design,  is the current representative. She shared some of her experiences in a brief interview.

 “I’ve been working as a Campus Marketing Representative for Universal Pictures since last January and it has been my favorite internship experience to date! I saw the initial listing in an email from recruit-a-duke – the kind of message that often gets deleted before it’s even read. I applied on a whim and after a resume submission and phone interview, I was offered the job. Most of the work revolves around social media (follow @universal_jmu!) and promotional item giveaways. The most exciting part is planning advance screenings of unreleased Universal movies right here on campus.”
Hayley has worked on the planning and promotion of advanced screenings for films including Get Out and Happy Death Day.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the world of entertainment and this internship has helped me gain real-world experience in the field. Brand ambassador positions like these are a great way to build your resume because they integrate your skills with your campus life, allowing for both personal and professional growth at a pace that works for students. My best advice to those seeking campus ambassador positions is to keep an eye out for opportunities, you never know what will come your way!”

For a particular company, there are usually a limited number of positions available for each college campus. While this increases the competitiveness for open slots, the good news is that there are many brands currently seeking students to rock their logos. The following companies have had, or currently have ambassadors here at JMU: RedBullCoast Apparel, Grilled Cheese Mania, Fish Hippy, BumbleSand Cloud. Another consideration is to use sites like Reppr, which features a variety of companies that are currently offering ambassadorships all in one easy-to-read format.

Before committing to an ambassadorship make sure to consider time and resource requirements that come with them. And if your favorite company doesn’t have a clearly defined ambassador program, find their contact page on the company website and submit a request, asking to be considered as a JMU campus representative. Briefly summarize why you want to represent the company and include why you are considered to be an influential figure here at JMU. There’s no harm in trying!

Are you currently an ambassador or do you intend to become one in the future? Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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