Spring break is over, so back to our daily routines we go. Going back to class after a much needed mid-semester break can be hard, and finding the motivation to finish the semester strong can be even harder. Here are some tips to get motivated so you can thrive the rest of the school year!

Get outside

With Daylight Saving’s time beginning yesterday, you may have lost an extra hour of sleep, but you gained an extra hour of daylight! Take advantage of the extra sunshine by spending time outside whether it be on the Quad, taking a walk through the Arboretum, or enjoying some ice cream with friends at Kline’s.

234392 Quad Stock During Warm February Afternoon-1031

Plan out the rest of your semester

Planning the rest of your semester can seem daunting…But once you figure out what’s on your schedule between now and finals, you can be sure not to fall behind. Take a few moments to pencil in those important dates and assignments on your calendar—your future self will thank you.

234813 Carrier Library Stock Photos-1015

Complete your bucket list

Everyone has a JMU “to-do list.” With summer just around the corner, start planning fun things to do around the ‘Burg with your friends here at school. Hike a trail you’ve been dying to try, wake up early to catch the sunrise, or grab dinner at that restaurant downtown you’ve had your eye on all semester.

234579 JMU Students Downtown Spring Afternoon Stock-1014

You’re halfway done!

As scary or exciting as it may be, you’re halfway through the semester! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself that there’s only a few more weeks of hard work standing in between you and summer break.

Have a good way to motivate yourself during the semester? Comment your ideas below!



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