Going to the movies can be expensive. On average, a matinee ticket can cost upwards of $10 for an adult ticket, and even more during the evening showtime hours. More money is often spent when you purchase your tickets online with added convenience fees. Not to mention the necessary movie snacks of popcorn, soda, and candy.

But, what if you could see any movie you wanted, at any time of the day, any day of the month for one fixed, monthly price of $9.95?

Introducing the latest subscription fad, Moviepass! Moviepass is a monthly subscription that grants you access to unlimited movies, once a day. Once you sign up, Moviepass will send you a card that functions like a debit card. Use your Moviepass app to select the theater, movie, and showtime from the available list, and use your Moviepass card like a debit card to get your movie ticket from the box office or ticket kiosk. The last step is to enjoy the show! It’s that easy.

It’s important to note that not all theaters accept Moviepass. However, the website has a map of theaters in your area that accept the subscription. The nearby Regal Movie Theatre in Harrisonburg currently accepts Moviepass subscriptions.

One downside to MoviepassΒ is that you cannot share your subscription with anyone else like you can with Netflix or Spotify. Only one card is delivered to the recipient.

Of course, if you’re not sold on Moviepass and enjoy low-cost movies, there’s always the on-campus Grafton-Stovall Theatre!

Are you a Moviepass subscriber? Comment below!

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