Madipalooza or “The Festival at Festival” will be celebrating their 8th annual music festival on April 14th. From food and games to great music, this is an event that you do not want to miss! Check out 2017 Madipalooza:

26238819_10210944054732861_4501684498025109473_nManoa Bell and his band Gryzzle are extremely excited to be participating in Madipalooza this year. Originally from Austin, Texas, the rock and roll capital of the world, Manoa found his love and interest in music at a young age. At four years old he began studying classical cello at the University of Texas. After a location change to Norkolk, Bell began pursuing the double bass.

“My inspiration to perform at Madipalooza stems from my bandmates and my goal of spreading Gryzzle to a wider James Madison audience.”

Gryzzle is a seven student fusion and hip-hop band made of mostly JMU music majors. In addition to Bell playing bass, Gryzzle consists of three horn players, a full rhythm section and a rapper.

“I am so fortunate to be a part of a band that fulfills me not only musically, but on a deeper personal level. These are my best friends and when we perform together we get to share the love that we have for each other with everyone else. It’s truly the most beautiful thing in my life.”

On March 14th at Rumble Down Under, a JMU “battle of the bands” took place where student bands performed for the chance to play at Madipalooza. Gryzzle took the prize, and is excited to make their debut at Madipalooza.

Gryzzle performing at Rumble Down Under

Good luck, Gryzzle! Dukes, what are you most excited for this years Madipalooza?

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