Spring is finally here in Harrisonburg and while the weather warms up, you need to cool down! Ice cream is a popular way to cool down while satisfying your sweet tooth. Check out these places around the ‘Burg when you’re craving some ice cream.


Double the ice cream, double the fun! Kline’s has two locations in Harrisonburg: one located downtown at 58 East Wolfe Street, and another down South Main at 2425 S. Main Street. Kline’s is known for its old-fashioned dairy bar feel with neon colors and 60’s vibes. Kline’s serves primarily chocolate and vanilla as well as their flavor of the week. This week’s flavor of the week at the downtown location is banana and at the South Main location, cake batter!

Image credit: @melissakurri


Another old-fashioned ice cream experience is Bruster’s! The walk-up ice cream counter similar to Kline’s is located at 221 University Blvd.  Bruster’s has all kinds of flavors besides the traditional chocolate and vanilla, as well as custom cakes, frozen yogurts, sorbets, sherbert and even some sugar-free flavors! Try out Bruster’s the next time you have a free Thursday where they have a BYOB (bring your own banana) special for half-off a banana split!

Image credit: @spoon_jmu


For a more international ice cream experience, check out J-Petal! Located at 1645 Reservoir Street, J-Petal is known for their Thai ice cream that is rolled out and mixed with delectable toppings on a cold slab. J-Petal has all kinds of flavors of ice cream with an interesting twist. Additionally, J-Petal is well known for their lightbulb drinks served in a glowing lightbulb that customers are welcome to take home. Besides Thai ice cream and lightbulb drinks, J-Petal also serves milkshakes and crepes that look as good as they taste.

Image credit: @emheacock

Have a favorite place to get ice cream in Harrisonburg that we missed?Comment below!


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