One of the most exciting things for me after I committed to attending JMU was wondering what my future roommate would be like, dreaming about the dorm room we’d decorate together, and planning all the fun times we would surely have with our hallmates once we finally moved in.

For some students, being placed into one dorm or another can seem like it will make or break their college experience. The truth is, every residence hall has its pros and cons, but regardless of where you end up, you will make some fantastic memories with all your new friends, even if it wasn’t the dorm you originally would have chosen for yourself.

With that in mind, I spoke to some current freshmen (and a few upper-classmen) about their experiences in each of the first-year residence areas on campus, so I could find out what they liked the best about their dorms. Want to find out the inside scoop on what living in your future home is like? Hear it from them:



  • Eagle, Shorts

“I love that the dorm is hall-style and we’ve all gotten to be so close because of the common area on the floor.” – Elise Wulchin (Eagle)

“…The best part of my experience so far has been hanging with a bunch of my neighbors in the study den for late night study sessions. We encourage each other… and make each other laugh… We’ve got a great group living on the third floor this year!” – Kendall Waters (Eagle)

“My favorite part of living there was definitely bonding with my hall-mates over the lack of A.C. in the beginning. I still talk to a lot of my hall mates and I’m roommates with 2 of them…” – Blair Ingham (Shorts)



  • Chappelear, Dingledine, Frederikson, Garber, Hanson, Huffman, Ikenberry, Weaver, White

“I live in White Hall currently, which is awesome because it’s in the center of campus so I’m not too far from Main or East Campus. Also, I love having a suite because it’s an extra space for my friends and I to hang out, or a place I can go if my roommate needs space or vice versa. It definitely gives the dorm a more homey feel. Also, by having the suite and sharing it with five other girls, I have really bonded with them. It’s almost like having five roommates even though you only actually share a room with one…” – Rebecca Bonifacio (White)

“The location of the Village is really convenient. You’re in between the Quad and East Campus, so nothing is too far of a walk. Also because so many freshmen live there, there is always stuff going on like basketball games or frisbee, so it feels lively.” – Caroline Abramowitz (White)

“I think the best part about living in the Village in general is that you go into the first week of classes already having so many new friends, most of them being your dorm-mates. The style of dorms allows you to really get to know who you are living with that year…” – Kaitlyn Federico (Chappelear)



  • Hillside, McGraw-Long, Bell

“My favorite thing about my dorm is the location. You’re within a 10 minute walk from anywhere on campus! I love not having to worry about not making it on time somewhere because I’m too far, because I know that nothing is more than a 15 minute walk from me! The gym, food, classes, you name it! Hillside is the best place to live (Plus you get A.C.)!” – Angie Higbee (McGraw-Long)

“The best thing about Hillside is that it is centrally located and not very far from anything! Also the A.C. helps.” – Britney Terry (Hillside)



  • Ashby, Converse, Gifford, Hoffman, Logan, Spotswood, Wampler, Wayland

“Vending machines in the basements that take dining dollars!” – Caroline Steimel (Logan)

“All dorms have a study room where you can go study and do homework if your roommate is sleeping or being too loud!” – Molly Cahlink (Hoffman)

“Living in Bluestone is kind of luxurious honestly, I feel like I lucked out living in my building. [The] air conditioning is amazing, the shower pressure and heat is awesome too, it’s always clean and my dorm room is beautiful… It’s really relaxing and cozy. I’m always able to come home after a long day in class and chill out. …It’s so convenient for classes and bus stops… running late for a 9:30 class that’s on the Quad isn’t so much of a struggle since it’s right there! [Plus] next year Bluestoners will have D-hall super close! – Sophia Tsenes (Wayland)



  • Shenandoah, Chandler (Historic Potomac Hall), Chesapeake

“Seeing the sunsets from East Campus is easily the best thing about living there. Also, E-Hall is in your back yard!” – Yara Mahmoud (Shenandoah)

“The proximity to E-Hall for necessary brunch on the weekend.” – Kelsey Messerian (Chesapeake)

“My favorite thing about living in Skyline is watching the sunset over campus from the TV lounge. Another thing I love about Skyline is the hall-style living, which allowed me to meet some amazing people throughout my hall.” – Kaelie Jager (Shenandoah)

Before you know it, you’ll be getting your dorm and roommate assignments, and soon after that, starting your college experience! Try to enjoy every last minute of high school, and keep in mind that you have an amazing new adventure at JMU ahead of you.

#JMU22 Dukes, what are you most looking forward to once you get to JMU?


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