Every year around graduation, I look forward to admiring the graduation caps decorated by seniors. Each cap tells you a little bit about the graduate and summarizes their four-year journey at JMU. Often, you’ll discover what they were involved in on-campus, their favorite quote, or their major. As an underclassman, I was so excited for the day to come where I would decorate my own cap and get to summarize my JMU experience. Now being a senior with only a few days until I walk the stage and receive my diploma, I can say that decorating my grad cap was more difficult than I initially thought.  “How can I summarize my four years with one simple design?” and Am I really graduating?” both crossed my mind a thousand times as I started brainstorming my design. After all, I feel so sentimental about leaving a place that has given me so much. Although it is just a purple cap with a tassel, grad caps embody what JMU means to that individual. 

Take a look at some beautiful grad cap designs, representing JMU’s Class of 2018:

Most images courtesy of: JMU Grad Cap Design Contest- Spring 2018

Tori Brower


Kristen Harris


Lauren Campbell


Brenda Tapp


Kiki Krawczyk


Annie Franks


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Katie Sweeney
Julia Shawver
Danielle Greer

Graduating Dukes, how did you decorate YOUR grad cap?

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