Are you Pho-real? Exploring the Pho’s of Harrisonburg

What is Pho? Pronounced "fuh", this delicious Vietnamese soup is all the rage right now. However, this is no ordinary soup! Pho is made with bone broth and restaurant quality pho broth can cook for 12 hours or more. Pho is made with a hearty beef or chicken broth, rice noodles, cilantro, onions, and topped … Continue reading Are you Pho-real? Exploring the Pho’s of Harrisonburg

RateMyProfessors Spotlight #2: Lori Britt

She is a familiar face to all that wander the halls of Harrison. Well-known and well-loved, Dr. Lori Britt has been teaching at James Madison University since 2010. Dr. Britt completed her Master's Degree and Ph.D. both in Communication, with a focus on group and organization communication. Believe it or not, teaching at JMU has been Dr. … Continue reading RateMyProfessors Spotlight #2: Lori Britt

5 Ways to Survive Midterms

This semester is in full-swing and this can only mean one thing: that's right, midterms are here. Although nobody is looking forward to an influx in research papers, group projects, and seemingly impossible exams, there are numerous ways to leave midterms with both your mental health intact and a happy GPA. Tips for Surviving Midterms: Get Organized- … Continue reading 5 Ways to Survive Midterms

Harrisonburg: A Look into the Past

Do you ever wonder how Harrisonburg has evolved over the years? Now you can see for yourself! The Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art is pleased to present its Fall 2017 exhibit: Picturing Harrisonburg: Visions of a Shenandoah Valley City Since 1828. This exhibit is a collaboration between James Madison University's Institute for Visual Studies and the … Continue reading Harrisonburg: A Look into the Past