Google Chrome Plug-Ins You’re Missing Out On

Google Chrome seems to be the most widely-used Internet browser among JMU students. Here are some plug-ins to add to your browser to make your life a little easier. Honey For all the online-shopping addicts (like myself) who spend just a little too much money ordering clothes online, this plugin is for you. When added … Continue reading Google Chrome Plug-Ins You’re Missing Out On

Registration Tips and Tricks

Registration for the spring 2018 semester begins November 6th! We all know the frustrations that come with registration. Logging on to My Madison and seeing your shopping cart filled with those little blue boxes can be daunting. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your enrollment appointment goes smoothly this year! Visit the … Continue reading Registration Tips and Tricks

Harrisonburg Walks to End Alzheimer’s

Harrisonburg's annual Walk to End Alzheimer's was held last Saturday, October 21st at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds. The 1.6-mile walk included participants of all ages, young and old, coming together on a beautiful Saturday morning to work toward a common goal: the end of Alzheimer's Disease. The Harrisonburg community, made up of teams from JMU as … Continue reading Harrisonburg Walks to End Alzheimer’s

Everything You Need to Know for College GameDay at JMU

This Wednesday morning, the College GameDay crew arrived bright and early on the Quad to begin setting up the stage for the biggest GameDay of the year. On Sunday, College GameDay announced their return to JMU, the second time in three years. Here is everything you need to know about College GameDay returning to … Continue reading Everything You Need to Know for College GameDay at JMU

JMU Reacts to College GameDay’s Return!

At 1:09pm Sunday, October 8th, JMU Nation exploded after College GameDay announced their highly anticipated return to Harrisonburg. JMU's official Twitter account made their own spin on College GameDay's announcement. As for JMU Sports, they responded with a hype video sure to give you chills in the excitement of ESPN's arrival. The … Continue reading JMU Reacts to College GameDay’s Return!

Notable JMU Alumni

Jim Acosta ('93), CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta graduated cum laude from JMU in 1993 with a bachelor's degree in mass communications (now SMAD) and a minor in political science. Recently, Acosta accepted JMU's "Distinguished Alumni" Award. Acosta is known for his coverage of President Trump's presidential news conferences. Personally, as an incoming … Continue reading Notable JMU Alumni

Why College GameDay Needs to Come Back to JMU

Start brainstorming your sign ideas. College GameDay could be coming back to the 'Burg. According to a Tweet published by the Breeze on September 7, College GameDay has their eye on JMU. Even more hopeful... College GameDay producer, Lee Fitting, is a JMU alum ('96) and tweeted this out in response to JMU GameDay's … Continue reading Why College GameDay Needs to Come Back to JMU

My Last Sorority Recruitment…As Told By a Senior

As a senior about to experience her last recruitment, I have a few words of advice for those interested in rushing a sorority- or PNMS (potential new members)- and sisters currently in a sorority. Don't blink. Take it all in. The sore feet from wearing heels that you've just realized are way too high. The cheers … Continue reading My Last Sorority Recruitment…As Told By a Senior

JMU Construction Update

After being away from JMU for the summer it seems as if current construction projects, such as D-Hall and the new hotel and conference center, have popped up over night. JMU's strategic plan, called The Madison Plan, is a six-year plan for development at the University until 2020. The plan, which began in 2014 with … Continue reading JMU Construction Update