Read Read Read

As students it can sometimes be difficult to motivate yourself to read anything besides a textbook. But if you don't read, you miss out on so many wonders and worlds. Reading can be a magical thing: it can transport you and open up your mind. Whether you read a hundred pages or a page, reading … Continue reading Read Read Read

Spring Already?

Anyone else feel like we were just celebrating Thanksgiving? Anyone else can't believe it's the first day of Spring already? After you get over the initial shock, make sure to make this Spring the best yet! Happy first day of Spring Dukes!

Get Ready for #JMUGivingDay

If you've been following The Daily Duke's series this week, then you've probably heard of this thing JMU is hosting... Giving Day on March 14th. Be sure to follow JMU on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to get the full scoop on Giving Day activities. It's going to be great! One thing we didn't mention yet … Continue reading Get Ready for #JMUGivingDay

Bring Al Roker to JMU

JMU has entered into a contest to be part of Rokerthon 3! If chosen, Al Roker will come to JMU and help us break a world record. We're going to need a ton of participation from students, faculty/staff, parents and alumni...basically all of JMU Nation! Check out the video we made to show Al how … Continue reading Bring Al Roker to JMU

Sweatshirts or Tank Tops?

Have you noticed how up and down the weather has been here in the 'burg lately? Last year, the weather was warm, but it was nowhere near 70 degrees! Just look at these temperatures from 2016:  Monday, Feb 22, 2016: 49 degrees Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016: 42 degrees Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016: 52 degrees Thursday, … Continue reading Sweatshirts or Tank Tops?

Restaurant Review – Jalapeno Style

In the mood for Mexican food? The Daily Duke suggests going to Jalapeno, Southwest Grill. The ambiance of Jalapeno's is energetic and spicey-just like their food! The night our team went to dinner was a proceeds night for a JMU organization. It was pretty busy, but once we sat down, our service was excellent! We received our … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Jalapeno Style

Why you should join JMU Social

Before telling you why you should join JMU Social, I should probably tell you what it is... JMU Social is a social media ambassador program for those who love JMU. Here's how it works... After you connect your accounts, you'll be able to share photos, videos and JMU stories directly to your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. And … Continue reading Why you should join JMU Social

Sports Recap

During the month of January a lot of exciting things happened in the JMU sports world! Men's Basketball: 6-17 overall record with wins against: Towson, Hofstra, and Elon. Women's Basketball: 14-6 overall record with wins against: UNCW, Hofstra, Delaware, Northeastern, Elon, Drexel, and William & Mary. Football: FCS National Championship win over Youngstown State University! The … Continue reading Sports Recap

2 For 1 Restaurant Review

Recently The Daily Duke team went on another outing to try a local Harrisonburg restaurant. This time we went to two places in one night - Bella Luna and Bella Gelato. I had never been to either place, but believe me, they are both in my top 10 list of places to eat now! When … Continue reading 2 For 1 Restaurant Review

Advice to Prospective Students

Choosing where to go to college can be one of the most exciting, nerve racking, and dramatic moments of an 18-year-old's life. There are so many possibilities out there and it is made out to be one of the biggest decisions one can make. If you are struggling with that decision, The Daily Duke team … Continue reading Advice to Prospective Students