Harrisonburg’s Newest Addition

JMU has some serious donut competition: Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts and now Peace, Love and Little Donuts. Here's a short review of the newest restaurant, located in the 865 East building complex. Peace, Love and Little Donuts has a unique feel and personality that no other donut shop can compete with.    Right next to … Continue reading Harrisonburg’s Newest Addition

We’ve almost made it

It's the middle of March. Your classes are ramping up, there's still another 2 months to go and you just got back from 10 days off. It's safe to say that most of us are pretty beat - especially those who went to the beach and are missing it with all of their heart (me). From … Continue reading We’ve almost made it

5 Reasons to Give Back

From an incredible education to the close friends we've made, it's safe to say that JMU has made (and continues to make) a profound impact on all of our lives. When we take a step back, we can see how much this university has become such an influential part of our own personal growth. In our years … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Give Back

Madison Men’s Basketball Highlights

JMU football has had a lot of attention the past few months, but we can't ignore our men's basketball team! Not only are basketball games free to attend, but all you need is your JAC card to enter. The men's basketball team has an 8-21 record, with an average of 66.1 points per game. We … Continue reading Madison Men’s Basketball Highlights

Summon Your Inner Competitiveness

Let's be real... School can be very frustrating and sometimes you just want to feel a little aggressive. Now you can't launch a ball at your professor, however you can at an opposing team in intramural dodgeball. So... Join an intramural team. UREC has a ton of different intramural sports - from pool volleyball to street hockey - … Continue reading Summon Your Inner Competitiveness

International Dukes

JMU is home to students from all around the world. With over hundreds of students from China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and several other countries, JMU has a diverse student body.  A couple of these students, Chanho Jung and Antonio Ruiz, I get to call my friends. They've have had fascinating stories and I'm grateful to … Continue reading International Dukes

Make Your Mark on Madison

Want to transform your JMU career, discover yourself, and learn how to become a better leader than you'd ever thought you'd be? If you're a current Sophomore or older and have at least 2 semesters left until you graduate, apply to be a Leadership Councilor in the Make Your Mark on Madison program! Through this … Continue reading Make Your Mark on Madison

Student Receives $10K Scholarship from NASCAR

Mechanical engineering student Rachel Frost earned first place and a $10,000 scholarship in a contest by explaining the physics of drafting. It pays to apply for scholarships! "Over the summer I was looking for scholarship opportunities for this upcoming semester, as I was planning on transferring from a community college in Maryland to JMU," Frost … Continue reading Student Receives $10K Scholarship from NASCAR

The Frisco Experience

Imagine going to an airport in Baltimore and you walk through security to see every other person wearing purple. You get on the plane to Dallas and find that the seats are lined with JMU shirts. The flight attendant even announces, "Go Dukes!" through the mic. Picture yourself walking through Dallas to see JMU students, alumni and … Continue reading The Frisco Experience

Keep Your Motivation for the New Year

I think it's safe to say that 2017 will be the best year since the year we invented sliced bread (1928, in case you were wondering). While it's important to focus on your new year's resolutions, it's just as important to view this new year as a chance to optimize your mind and get motivated. … Continue reading Keep Your Motivation for the New Year