Dear #JMU21,

Dear JMU21, So you’re about to leave Mom (or Dad’s) great home cooking, right? Well good news for you, JMU has great food as well! JMU is a repeat top 10 ‘Best Campus Food in the Nation’ pick and you will soon see why. I’ll give you the rundown of some of the best places … Continue reading Dear #JMU21,

The ‘Burg’s Best Desserts

If you're ever feeling down or in need of a sweet treat, here are some of the best places to go. Of course we might have missed some, Harrisonburg's dessert scene is growing faster than our bodies would like, so comment any places you think we might have missed! Ehall We have to mention this gem of … Continue reading The ‘Burg’s Best Desserts

We’re hosting the 2016 NCAA FCS Quarterfinals!

This Friday, JMU Football will be hosting Sam Houston State for the FCS playoffs! This is H-U-G-E since JMU has only advanced to the quarterfinals four times in the history of the program, making this our 5th time advancing. This is after Saturday's 55-22 win over New Hampshire. Since this is such a great feat for … Continue reading We’re hosting the 2016 NCAA FCS Quarterfinals!

The Daily Duke’s Outrigger’s Experience

A few weeks ago, the Daily Duke teams partook in a team bonding experience held by JMU's very own Outrigger Peer Educators. We spoke with their program assistant, Kimmy Ewen, in addition to experiencing their program so we have the full 411 on what a great organization this is! Now, before I go into what a great time … Continue reading The Daily Duke’s Outrigger’s Experience

5 Shows to Watch!

Mr. Robot (USA Network) Starting off with a great pick, is USA Network's Mr. Robot. If you're into shows that are about taking down the man, or in this case taking down big business CEOs, this is a show for you. In the show main character, Elliot, is a programmer who is hired by an outside hacker group to … Continue reading 5 Shows to Watch!

Congrats Dorm Room Contest Winners!

Congrats to our 3 dorm room contest winners @e_corrao, @jackie_shannon, and @taay_baay34! You'll be receiving your prizes shortly. Thank you everyone who submitted pictures of their dorms, you all have amazing rooms! Also, thank you to the thousands of you who voted! You all contributed to making this our biggest contest yet! If you didn't get … Continue reading Congrats Dorm Room Contest Winners!