Saint Patrick’s Day Madness

Hey dukes! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! To celebrate, I've made a list of some ways you can celebrate the green way today (and this weekend). Start your day with a green smoothie from Freshens in UREC. Snack on a green-frosted donut from Dunkin' Donuts. Park in the parking deck when the numbers are green. Get caffeinated with … Continue reading Saint Patrick’s Day Madness

Daily Duke Spotlight: JMU CAP

For me, it started with a Skype interview. Granted, I can appreciate a Skype interview-- you can see the person interviewing you, and feel more of a connection than you might over a phone interview. But finding a place to have one is a pain. You have to find the right lighting, a low noise … Continue reading Daily Duke Spotlight: JMU CAP

Assessment Day: SparkNotes Version

*The information below has been taken directly from James Madison University Center for Assessment and Research Studies website ( This is a reiteration of that information for the purpose of raising awareness. For more information, please visit the Assessment and Research Studies website. This year, Assessment Day is on Tuesday, February 7th, and just about everyone … Continue reading Assessment Day: SparkNotes Version

How to: Duke Dog Snow Day

Upon your return to JMU, you most likely noticed the fresh dusting of snow on the ground. Winter is in full effect, and whether we like it or not, there will be plenty of snow to come. Now, I’m from New York, so the temptation to be sarcastic with you all is real. I won’t … Continue reading How to: Duke Dog Snow Day

Alumni Highlight: Watch Ya’ Mouth

By now, you've all seen a video on Facebook of people playing that game with their mouths forced open. Yes, you have. It looks like this: Well, did you know that the creators of this game are two JMU alumni? In fact, they're married. It doesn't get much cuter than that. Alison and Peter … Continue reading Alumni Highlight: Watch Ya’ Mouth

Winter Wishlist

Holiday season is officially in full swing. That means it's time to start looking at  some ways to bring the JMU spirit home for the holidays. Here are some Duke Dog gifts that are perfect for the special people in your life this December: For the coffee addict: There's a mug for everyone in the … Continue reading Winter Wishlist

Student Guide to a Perfect Friendsgiving

The time of year is here... less than a week until Thanksgiving break. That means it's Friendsgiving season. Maybe you're not going home for Thanksgiving, or maybe you just realized that you want to spend some time eating good food with your friends outside of the library. Either way, here are some last minute tips to … Continue reading Student Guide to a Perfect Friendsgiving

Branding Yourself: A Student Guide

Brand yourself. Brand myself? You're probably thinking... what does this chick mean, brand myself? I'm not a brand...  Unless your major touches on this (as majors such as SMAD, SCOM, and COB probably do), you probably think this post is irrelevant to you. That's where you're wrong. As we all are on social media for the … Continue reading Branding Yourself: A Student Guide

10 Podcasts Students Should Subscribe To

One of my favorite things to do is listen to podcasts. They don't even require free time... I listen to them while I'm driving, while I'm getting ready in the morning, and while I'm doing homework. They are easy and free to download through the podcast app. I can't imagine my life without podcasts, so … Continue reading 10 Podcasts Students Should Subscribe To

10 Reasons to Subscribe to The Daily Duke

When you have lots of other blogs and news sources to choose from, why should you subscribe to The Daily Duke? Well, fellow Dukes, I'm here to answer just that. Here's why I think you should subscribe... 10. Read up on all things JMU over your morning coffee. The best way to start your day.  … Continue reading 10 Reasons to Subscribe to The Daily Duke