Restaurant Review – Jalapeno Style

In the mood for Mexican food? The Daily Duke suggests going to Jalapeno, Southwest Grill. The ambiance of Jalapeno's is energetic and spicey-just like their food! The night our team went to dinner was a proceeds night for a JMU organization. It was pretty busy, but once we sat down, our service was excellent! We received our … Continue reading Restaurant Review – Jalapeno Style

Why you should join JMU Social

Before telling you why you should join JMU Social, I should probably tell you what it is... JMU Social is a social media ambassador program for those who love JMU. Here's how it works... After you connect your accounts, you'll be able to share photos, videos and JMU stories directly to your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. And … Continue reading Why you should join JMU Social