Google Chrome Plug-Ins You’re Missing Out On

Google Chrome seems to be the most widely-used Internet browser among JMU students. Here are some plug-ins to add to your browser to make your life a little easier. Honey For all the online-shopping addicts (like myself) who spend just a little too much money ordering clothes online, this plugin is for you. When added … Continue reading Google Chrome Plug-Ins You’re Missing Out On

Interview with Hanna Yu: Gerdau Scholarship Recipient

Junior biology major Hanna Yu has always known she wanted to be a doctor, ever since she was a small child. But as she advanced in school, she found herself drawn more to English, literature, and history. According to Hanna, she didn't expect to enjoy biology, "because I'm not very naturally inclined—sciences are not my … Continue reading Interview with Hanna Yu: Gerdau Scholarship Recipient

RateMyProfessors Spotlight #2: Lori Britt

She is a familiar face to all that wander the halls of Harrison. Well-known and well-loved, Dr. Lori Britt has been teaching at James Madison University since 2010. Dr. Britt completed her Master's Degree and Ph.D. both in Communication, with a focus on group and organization communication. Believe it or not, teaching at JMU has been Dr. … Continue reading RateMyProfessors Spotlight #2: Lori Britt

Registration Tips and Tricks

Registration for the spring 2018 semester begins November 6th! We all know the frustrations that come with registration. Logging on to My Madison and seeing your shopping cart filled with those little blue boxes can be daunting. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure your enrollment appointment goes smoothly this year! Visit the … Continue reading Registration Tips and Tricks

JMU: Then and Now

Whether it was Madison College or James Madison University when they attended, many alumni and current students alike agree that Madison gave them an experience unlike any other. In honor of Homecoming, here's a post dedicated to all the ways JMU has evolved throughout the years. No matter your class year, we hope JMU still … Continue reading JMU: Then and Now

Four Campus Resources You’re Not Using

JMU does an amazing job of creating opportunities for students and faculty to acquire new skills, or build upon current ones. Whether you're boosting your resume, completing a project, or just trying to fill the time, JMU has several unique resources that are at your disposal. Here are a few you should consider using. JMU … Continue reading Four Campus Resources You’re Not Using

5 Ways to Survive Midterms

This semester is in full-swing and this can only mean one thing: that's right, midterms are here. Although nobody is looking forward to an influx in research papers, group projects, and seemingly impossible exams, there are numerous ways to leave midterms with both your mental health intact and a happy GPA. Tips for Surviving Midterms: Get Organized- … Continue reading 5 Ways to Survive Midterms