Function and Independence: Occupational Therapy Heals All

James Madison University's Graduate Occupational Therapy program is a big deal as far as graduate programs and their accomplishments go. The program is a rigorous two year process including lectures, labs, and field work. All 20 of the students in their second year of the program are attending and presenting at the 2017 American Occupational Therapy Association … Continue reading Function and Independence: Occupational Therapy Heals All

Read Read Read

As students it can sometimes be difficult to motivate yourself to read anything besides a textbook. But if you don't read, you miss out on so many wonders and worlds. Reading can be a magical thing: it can transport you and open up your mind. Whether you read a hundred pages or a page, reading … Continue reading Read Read Read

5 Reasons to Give Back

From an incredible education to the close friends we've made, it's safe to say that JMU has made (and continues to make) a profound impact on all of our lives. When we take a step back, we can see how much this university has become such an influential part of our own personal growth. In our years … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Give Back

JMU Students Give Back

In the spirit of our fast-approaching #JMUGivingDay, we're continuing to bring you stories about giving at JMU and the impact donors make. When you think of donors, you probably think of university alumni. But giving isn't limited to graduates... current students give to JMU too!   The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an organization that allows students to … Continue reading JMU Students Give Back

What is #JMUGivingDay?

The countdown has begun! Only 13 days until JMU celebrates Giving Day! Last year's (first-ever) Giving Day received an overwhelming amount of support totaling 2,840 gifts! This year, JMU is upping the stakes by setting their fundraising goal to 4,000 gifts. Every donation will make a huge impact and enhance the Madison Experience greatly. What is Giving Day? Well... it's a 24-hour … Continue reading What is #JMUGivingDay?

Cooking Classes On-Campus

Ever wanted to cook yourself a quick and healthy meal, but didn’t even know where to start? Well, the solution to your problem is right on campus, at UREC! UREC offers a wide variety of cooking and wellness classes that are free for students! There are approximately 40 different classes to chose from and are … Continue reading Cooking Classes On-Campus

Alumni Highlight: “The President’s Own”

After graduating from James Madison University in 1991, Master Sergeant Mark Thiele's music career has spanned over decades. Having studied under James Madison University music professor, Kevin Stees, Master Sgt. Thiele expanded his career by playing in Walt Disney World's "The Tubafours" for two years. He has since gone on to play in five presidential inaugurations … Continue reading Alumni Highlight: “The President’s Own”

Looking for an on-campus job?

Feeling like a poor college student? This post may be of interest to you! Working on campus is not only a convenient way to make some extra cash, you may even be able to find a job that's applicable to your career goals! During my first few years in college I definitely felt the wrath of … Continue reading Looking for an on-campus job?

Assessment Day: SparkNotes Version

*The information below has been taken directly from James Madison University Center for Assessment and Research Studies website ( This is a reiteration of that information for the purpose of raising awareness. For more information, please visit the Assessment and Research Studies website. This year, Assessment Day is on Tuesday, February 7th, and just about everyone … Continue reading Assessment Day: SparkNotes Version

JMU Theatre Department Wins Big!

Over winter break while JMU football was out in Texas scoring a national championship, the JMU Theatre Department was winning big in New Jersey!  January 3rd-7th, students competed in multiple areas at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (KCACTF). Students competed in the categories of: Acting Musical Theatre Playwriting Dramaturgy Critical Response Scenic Design Sound Design … Continue reading JMU Theatre Department Wins Big!