Senior Thoughts as Graduation Approaches

For many seniors, nostalgic thoughts have begun sinking in. As the countdown to commencement gets closer and closer, many students begin to look back on their amazing years at JMU. With only 65 days until graduation, senior personalities have begun to take shape. Below are some gifs of how seniors are feeling right about now. … Continue reading Senior Thoughts as Graduation Approaches

Professor Spotlight #4: Shane McGary

Professor Shane McGary is a student-favorite for a number of reasons. Senior Kiki Krawcyck, currently taking McGary's ISCI 101 course, stated, "Professor McGary strives to make this class extremely interactive. He goes out of his way to help students who appear to be struggling with the material and is approachable outside of the classroom." Although Professor McGary … Continue reading Professor Spotlight #4: Shane McGary

10 Books The Daily Duke Team Recommends

As busy college students, budgeting time to decompress after a stressful day can be difficult. However, it's well worth it to carve out a little time to read for fun—even if it's just for five minutes before bed each night. Reading is a great way to escape the stressors of your daily life and get … Continue reading 10 Books The Daily Duke Team Recommends

Tips & Tricks: Securing an Internship

Co-Written by: Stephen Abramowitz and Brooke Withers As the spring semester is well underway, college juniors and seniors are in the midst of the internship/job hunt. We all know that this can be a stressful time, as everyone spends countless hours filling out applications, preparing resumes and writing tedious cover letters. The Daily Duke sat … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Securing an Internship

A Day in the Life: Nursing Students

You may recognize these dedicated students walking around campus in purple scrubs. These are JMU Nursing students who have successfully been admitted into the competitive program--students who are passionate about improving the health and lives of the people around them. JMU's reputable nursing program prepares these students with real-life experience and challenging coursework. Hannah Coulter … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Nursing Students

Which Second-Semester Senior Are You?

As the stages of pre-graduation panic (or excitement!) set in, you've probably noticed that each of your senior friends is taking it a little differently. Here are six second-semester senior personas we've noticed, in no particular order. Which one are you? Congratulations to all our graduating seniors! Do you fall into one of these categories? … Continue reading Which Second-Semester Senior Are You?