Alumni Highlight Abroad: Cat Witko

We all know how successful JMU grads are in the world. They are conquering big businesses, creating nonprofits, and overall improving the world- one Duke at a time. Meet Cat Witko. Cat was a 2015 graduate who is now in the Master’s of Science in Global Management program at the Antwerp Management School. Cat interviewed … Continue reading Alumni Highlight Abroad: Cat Witko

Happy Giving Day!

Today is the second annual JMU Giving Day! The online fundraiser started at 12 this morning and goes until midnight tonight. Last year, there were 2,840 gifts given; which don't get me wrong, that's a lot of gifts and the money has impacted the JMU community in big ways! But this year, we're stepping up our goal … Continue reading Happy Giving Day!

Get Ready for #JMUGivingDay

If you've been following The Daily Duke's series this week, then you've probably heard of this thing JMU is hosting... Giving Day on March 14th. Be sure to follow JMU on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to get the full scoop on Giving Day activities. It's going to be great! One thing we didn't mention yet … Continue reading Get Ready for #JMUGivingDay

Meet the GOLD Network

JMU has always had a strong alumni base throughout the country that gives back to JMU year after year. Alumni love to show their constant passion and support to their alma mater. These donors are not only older established alumni with deep pockets; they are also young professionals, just getting their foot in the door and … Continue reading Meet the GOLD Network

An Inside Look at Madison Connection

Madison Connection is JMU's student-staffed call center. The Madison Connection team members call alumni, parents and friends of the university to ensure their connections to JMU stay strong, as well as to ask for contributions to fund and advance the university. The student employees at Madison Connection are passionate about their work and Giving Day, which is … Continue reading An Inside Look at Madison Connection

JMU Students Give Back

In the spirit of our fast-approaching #JMUGivingDay, we're continuing to bring you stories about giving at JMU and the impact donors make. When you think of donors, you probably think of university alumni. But giving isn't limited to graduates... current students give to JMU too!   The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an organization that allows students to … Continue reading JMU Students Give Back

What is #JMUGivingDay?

The countdown has begun! Only 13 days until JMU celebrates Giving Day! Last year's (first-ever) Giving Day received an overwhelming amount of support totaling 2,840 gifts! This year, JMU is upping the stakes by setting their fundraising goal to 4,000 gifts. Every donation will make a huge impact and enhance the Madison Experience greatly. What is Giving Day? Well... it's a 24-hour … Continue reading What is #JMUGivingDay?

Bring Al Roker to JMU

JMU has entered into a contest to be part of Rokerthon 3! If chosen, Al Roker will come to JMU and help us break a world record. We're going to need a ton of participation from students, faculty/staff, parents and alumni...basically all of JMU Nation! Check out the video we made to show Al how … Continue reading Bring Al Roker to JMU

Why you should join JMU Social

Before telling you why you should join JMU Social, I should probably tell you what it is... JMU Social is a social media ambassador program for those who love JMU. Here's how it works... After you connect your accounts, you'll be able to share photos, videos and JMU stories directly to your personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. And … Continue reading Why you should join JMU Social

JMU Love in the Air

Happy Valentines Day Dukes! Today you may be celebrating your love for for many different people - your significant other, family members, or friends. One love we all have in common is our love for JMU! Some couples love incorporating JMU into their wedding by inviting "Road Dawg" to join their big day!    Here is how … Continue reading JMU Love in the Air