JMU Love in the Air

Happy Valentines Day Dukes! Today you may be celebrating your love for for many different people – your significant other, family members, or friends. One love we all have in common is our love for JMU! Some couples love incorporating JMU into their wedding by inviting “Road Dawg” to join their big day!    Here is how … More JMU Love in the Air

Alumni Highlight: “The President’s Own”

After graduating from James Madison University in 1991, Master Sergeant Mark Thiele’s music career has spanned over decades. Having studied under James Madison University music professor, Kevin Stees, Master Sgt. Thiele expanded his career by playing in Walt Disney World’s “The Tubafours” for two years. He has since gone on to play in five presidential inaugurations … More Alumni Highlight: “The President’s Own”

We’re hosting the 2016 NCAA FCS Quarterfinals!

This Friday, JMU Football will be hosting Sam Houston State for the FCS playoffs! This is H-U-G-E since JMU has only advanced to the quarterfinals four times in the history of the program, making this our 5th time advancing. This is after Saturday’s 55-22 win over New Hampshire. Since this is such a great feat for … More We’re hosting the 2016 NCAA FCS Quarterfinals!