The Six Types of Parkers at JMU [Video]

One aspect of driving to campus that can deter some potential drivers is fighting for a parking space. Student drivers who venture into one of our concrete jungles are exposed to a world of tight turns and revved engines. Each driver is in a race against fellow Dukes, and more importantly, the clock. The following list … Continue reading The Six Types of Parkers at JMU [Video]

The Value of Mentorships

Co-written by: Michelle Mullins There are often limits to what one's peers and professional network can offer. Mentors can serve as a third-party resource to help their mentees navigate their professional journey. Mentors can instill confidence in their mentees, and provide them with access to opportunities that would unavailable otherwise. While many individuals have had a mentor … Continue reading The Value of Mentorships

Experience Alternative Spring Breaks With JMU

Each year, a collection of JMU students spend their spring break on one of several unique service-learning trips. These Alternative Spring Breaks (ASBs), are unlike anything one could expect to find on a leisurely voyage to the beach. While the "traditional" spring break plans are perfect for unwinding, some Dukes opt for an experience volunteering rather … Continue reading Experience Alternative Spring Breaks With JMU

Why Give on Giving Day

Chances are if you're reading this, you love JMU. According to Gallup, JMU alumni are more likely than graduates from comparable universities to strongly agree that their university is passionate about the long-term success of its students and to strongly agree that their education was worth the cost. In fact, over 90% of alumni say they enjoyed … Continue reading Why Give on Giving Day

Daily Duke Approved-Funky’s Skate Center

If you go to JMU, you’ve probably heard of Funky’s some way or another. Unsure what it’s about? Don’t worry, you’re about to find out in this installment of Daily Duke Approved--Funky’s Skate Center. Funky's is located at 100 Miller Cir, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, making it about a five-minute drive from campus. The turn is … Continue reading Daily Duke Approved-Funky’s Skate Center

Daily Duke Approved-UREC Battleship

Last Saturday started out as a frozen mess. As road conditions became questionable, four brave members of the Daily Duke team prepared to defend their name. Founded in 2010, UREC Battleship is an annual event held within the UREC Pool. Teams of 4+ are made by students, faculty, and/or staff and are placed in various … Continue reading Daily Duke Approved-UREC Battleship