The Six Types of Parkers at JMU [Video]

One aspect of driving to campus that can deter some potential drivers is fighting for a parking space. Student drivers who venture into one of our concrete jungles are exposed to a world of tight turns and revved engines. Each driver is in a race against fellow Dukes, and more importantly, the clock. The following list … Continue reading The Six Types of Parkers at JMU [Video]

Daily Duke Approved-Funky’s Skate Center

If you go to JMU, you’ve probably heard of Funky’s some way or another. Unsure what it’s about? Don’t worry, you’re about to find out in this installment of Daily Duke Approved--Funky’s Skate Center. Funky's is located at 100 Miller Cir, Harrisonburg, VA 22801, making it about a five-minute drive from campus. The turn is … Continue reading Daily Duke Approved-Funky’s Skate Center

Daily Duke Approved-UREC Battleship

Last Saturday started out as a frozen mess. As road conditions became questionable, four brave members of the Daily Duke team prepared to defend their name. Founded in 2010, UREC Battleship is an annual event held within the UREC Pool. Teams of 4+ are made by students, faculty, and/or staff and are placed in various … Continue reading Daily Duke Approved-UREC Battleship

10 Books The Daily Duke Team Recommends

As busy college students, budgeting time to decompress after a stressful day can be difficult. However, it's well worth it to carve out a little time to read for fun—even if it's just for five minutes before bed each night. Reading is a great way to escape the stressors of your daily life and get … Continue reading 10 Books The Daily Duke Team Recommends

Eight Key Questions Song Contest

The Madison Collaborative's Ethical Reasoning in Action encapsulates eight important values to consider when making an ethical decision. Every first-year student learns these classic Eight Key Questions, with the acronym F.O.R.C.L.E.A.R. included with a packet of ethical dilemmas and tense deliberations, during 1787 Orientation Week. When the Daily Duke team found out about the Eight … Continue reading Eight Key Questions Song Contest

Which Second-Semester Senior Are You?

As the stages of pre-graduation panic (or excitement!) set in, you've probably noticed that each of your senior friends is taking it a little differently. Here are six second-semester senior personas we've noticed, in no particular order. Which one are you? Congratulations to all our graduating seniors! Do you fall into one of these categories? … Continue reading Which Second-Semester Senior Are You?