True Life: Duke Dog Edition

I think it's safe to say one of JMU's best kept secrets is Duke Dog. Who is under the fur?? While I may not be able to tell you who plays Duke dog, I do have the inside scoop from a student under the crown! This Duke Dog has 3 years under his/her belt, which has led them on adventures … Continue reading True Life: Duke Dog Edition

Spring Concert Announced

JMU announced the artists coming for the Spring concert! Here's what you need to know about the concert happening on April 13th.   WHO: Kap Slap opening for Cash Cash WHAT: 2017 Spring Concert WHERE: Convocation Center WHEN: Thursday, April 13th at 8pm   I talked to Center Stage Committee Director, Joanna Rose, to get the full scoop on the … Continue reading Spring Concert Announced

Alternative Spring Breakers

JMU's Alternative Break program allows students to participate in service opportunities over Thanksgiving and Spring Break, going to different locations around the United States and abroad. Ben Adams and Jamie Simpkins both participated in JMU Alternative Spring Break this year. Check out what they had to say about their Alternative Spring Break experiences: Jamie Simpkins: … Continue reading Alternative Spring Breakers

5 Reasons to Give Back

From an incredible education to the close friends we've made, it's safe to say that JMU has made (and continues to make) a profound impact on all of our lives. When we take a step back, we can see how much this university has become such an influential part of our own personal growth. In our years … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Give Back

JMU Students Give Back

In the spirit of our fast-approaching #JMUGivingDay, we're continuing to bring you stories about giving at JMU and the impact donors make. When you think of donors, you probably think of university alumni. But giving isn't limited to graduates... current students give to JMU too!   The Student Alumni Association (SAA) is an organization that allows students to … Continue reading JMU Students Give Back

Dear #JMU21

Dear #JMU21,  Take it from me, a senior wishing she was a freshman, the best way to ensure a positive college experience is by getting as involved as you can during your time at JMU. Of course you'll be sure to meet people through your dorms and classes, but clubs are another way you can … Continue reading Dear #JMU21

Looking for an on-campus job?

Feeling like a poor college student? This post may be of interest to you! Working on campus is not only a convenient way to make some extra cash, you may even be able to find a job that's applicable to your career goals! During my first few years in college I definitely felt the wrath of … Continue reading Looking for an on-campus job?

MLK Jr. Day Events

On January 16th, we celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He changed the way that we thought, he moved us to tears, and tried to put an end to segregation. Needless to say, he is a very influential figure in not only the United States' history, but the world's history. … Continue reading MLK Jr. Day Events

Aca-scuse me?

It’s pre-finals week and the stress is starting to set in. Final projects and papers are due and the library is already getting packed. Let’s face it-you know you’ll need to take a break from studying and get your mind off exams. Rather than scrolling mindlessly on your phone for your study break, why not … Continue reading Aca-scuse me?

JMU Honors Veterans

Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day. Veterans Day honors military service and falls on the day when World War I fighting ceased in 1918. Last year, JMU has honored veterans by having a flag display on the quad. There is another flag display this year that holds very special meaning behind it. The 6,865 flags … Continue reading JMU Honors Veterans