Dear #JMU21

Dear #JMU21,  Take it from me, a senior wishing she was a freshman, the best way to ensure a positive college experience is by getting as involved as you can during your time at JMU. Of course you’ll be sure to meet people through your dorms and classes, but clubs are another way you can … More Dear #JMU21

MLK Jr. Day Events

On January 16th, we celebrate the life and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He changed the way that we thought, he moved us to tears, and tried to put an end to segregation. Needless to say, he is a very influential figure in not only the United States’ history, but the world’s history. … More MLK Jr. Day Events

Aca-scuse me?

It’s pre-finals week and the stress is starting to set in. Final projects and papers are due and the library is already getting packed. Let’s face it-you know you’ll need to take a break from studying and get your mind off exams. Rather than scrolling mindlessly on your phone for your study break, why not … More Aca-scuse me?

JMU Honors Veterans

Today, November 11th, is Veterans Day. Veterans Day honors military service and falls on the day when World War I fighting ceased in 1918. Last year, JMU has honored veterans by having a flag display on the quad. There is another flag display this year that holds very special meaning behind it. The 6,865 flags … More JMU Honors Veterans

How to Survive Formal Sorority Recruitment

With formal sorority recruitment coming up this weekend, it was only necessary to post about the six long days down Greek Row. Recruitment consists of multiple rounds where PNM’s (potential new members) go through each of the thirteen sorority houses on the row and get the opportunity to meet girls in each chapter, hoping to make real connections … More How to Survive Formal Sorority Recruitment

Missed Student Org Night? No Worries!

This past Friday, the Office of Student Activities and Involvement held this semester’s Student Org Night. Student Org Night is a wonderful event that provides students with information about the different clubs and organizations that JMU offers. There were over 300 organizations in attendance! Student Org Night took place on the UREC upper turf. The clubs were organized by categories such as recreation, greek life, professional, … More Missed Student Org Night? No Worries!