Alumni Highlight: “The President’s Own”

After graduating from James Madison University in 1991, Master Sergeant Mark Thiele’s music career has spanned over decades. Having studied under James Madison University music professor, Kevin Stees, Master Sgt. Thiele expanded his career by playing in Walt Disney World’s “The Tubafours” for two years. He has since gone on to play in five presidential inaugurations … More Alumni Highlight: “The President’s Own”

International Dukes

JMU is home to students from all around the world. With over hundreds of students from China, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and several other countries, JMU has a diverse student body.  A couple of these students, Chanho Jung and Antonio Ruiz, I get to call my friends. They’ve have had fascinating stories and I’m grateful to … More International Dukes

Coffee Dictionary

Coffee, coffee, coffee! It seems to be all the rage (and the addiction) for many of us at JMU. However there are still some of us, including myself, who aren’t into the caffeine craze (yet..). For newcomers to the coffee scene, where do we even begin? What’s the difference between a cappuccino and macchiato? Mocha … More Coffee Dictionary

CollegeLife App

JMU has so many apps that help students function in and around campus. iMadison was an app that was focused around JMU and kept parking services updated and had hours for dining halls. iMadison was cocreated by Brian Chambers, a JMU alum, and a few of his friends and his brother. More recently, Chambers cofounded … More CollegeLife App