Which Second-Semester Senior Are You?

As the stages of pre-graduation panic (or excitement!) set in, you've probably noticed that each of your senior friends is taking it a little differently. Here are six second-semester senior personas we've noticed, in no particular order. Which one are you? Congratulations to all our graduating seniors! Do you fall into one of these categories? … Continue reading Which Second-Semester Senior Are You?

JMU Welcomes Industrial Design

JMU offers many innovative and creative majors, but this one might be the coolest one yet. https://www.facebook.com/jmuindustrialdesign/photos/pb.374531882649413.-2207520000.1462205283./635110536591545/?type=3&theater Industrial Design has just recently become an accredited major within the College of Visual and Performing Arts. In just two weeks, 7  hardworking students will walk across the stage and accept their degrees, and hopefully many more will … Continue reading JMU Welcomes Industrial Design