Harrisonburg Restaurants with Deals and Discounts

With all the amazing restaurants in the Harrisonburg area, you surely have a long list of places you want to try. Luckily, there's still a little time left in the semester to de-stress before finals and grab a bite to eat with friends. If you're pressed for time or strapped for cash, this list of … Continue reading Harrisonburg Restaurants with Deals and Discounts

JMU22: Residence Halls 101

One of the most exciting things for me after I committed to attending JMU was wondering what my future roommate would be like, dreaming about the dorm room we'd decorate together, and planning all the fun times we would surely have with our hallmates once we finally moved in. For some students, being placed into … Continue reading JMU22: Residence Halls 101

Study Spots Around the ‘Burg

With finals fast approaching, you're probably frustrated to realize your favorite campus study spot has been overtaken. Not to worry, there are plenty of places around Harrisonburg that have room to accommodate hard-working students, many within easy walking distance of campus. Whether you like to learn while sipping on a latte and enjoying a little … Continue reading Study Spots Around the ‘Burg

JMU Serves: Dukes Who Make a Difference

JMU students are eager learners, and active participants in the community. With Thanksgiving coming up, it is important to recognize Dukes that give back to the Harrisonburg community. Many students embark in college experiences that are filled with more than just classes and schoolwork. We want to recognize the students who dedicate their time to … Continue reading JMU Serves: Dukes Who Make a Difference

Weekend Watch: The Skeleton Festival

Don't miss out on the biggest thing to happen in Harrisonburg since College GameDay. The Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance will be hosting their annual Skeleton Festival, Tomorrow, October 21st, from 4-8 pm inside the Turner Pavilion. We went ahead and included a brief preview of what to know about the event. 4-6 PM: Trick-or-Treating & Good Eating If … Continue reading Weekend Watch: The Skeleton Festival

Harrisonburg: A Look into the Past

Do you ever wonder how Harrisonburg has evolved over the years? Now you can see for yourself! The Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art is pleased to present its Fall 2017 exhibit: Picturing Harrisonburg: Visions of a Shenandoah Valley City Since 1828. This exhibit is a collaboration between James Madison University's Institute for Visual Studies and the … Continue reading Harrisonburg: A Look into the Past