The Daily Duke is Graduating

As we celebrate thousands of students graduating this weekend, there is another important entity that is graduating: The Daily Duke. Although The Daily Duke is not returning, this isn't goodbye. After four years of interns publishing content on The Daily Duke blog, our interns' creative work is moving to JMU's main channels, where they will continue to … Continue reading The Daily Duke is Graduating

Tips & Tricks: Securing an Internship

Co-Written by: Stephen Abramowitz and Brooke Withers As the spring semester is well underway, college juniors and seniors are in the midst of the internship/job hunt. We all know that this can be a stressful time, as everyone spends countless hours filling out applications, preparing resumes and writing tedious cover letters. The Daily Duke sat … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Securing an Internship

Looking for a job? We’ve got you covered!

One of the things I noticed right away when I embarked on my college journey three years ago is that money disappears very quickly. After buying textbooks, a JMU parking pass, school supplies, groceries, paying rent and other bills, and splurging on the occasional dinner out with friends, my bank account is well on its … Continue reading Looking for a job? We’ve got you covered!

Unpaid Internship Scholarship Program

Have you ever had an unpaid internship? Gaining experience is great, but it can be tough working without pay. That's why JMU CAP is now offering a new Scholarship Program to students! This is the first year Career and Academic Planning (CAP) is offering the scholarship program. Scholarships will be awarded beginning this Summer to students working … Continue reading Unpaid Internship Scholarship Program

Now accepting Daily Duke Applications!

Calling all storytellers! Apply today to work for JMU Communications and Marketing as a Daily Duke intern for 2017-18 academic year. Application (and more info) available at - - - - - - - - - - - - When hiring, one of the biggest things companies look for is work experience. However, getting an internship, especially … Continue reading Now accepting Daily Duke Applications!

Apply to New Media Madison!

JMU Communications is now accepting applications for the New Media Madison internship program. The program consists of nine (9) graphic designers, writers, photographers and/or videographers to convey life at JMU through art, copy and code. Part traditional public relations, part cinematic experience, part digital experiment, this internship program will push individuals to develop digital communication … Continue reading Apply to New Media Madison!