Professor Spotlight #3: Laura Merrell

Laura Merrell is one of JMU Health Science major's favorite, most trusted professors. While she has only been teaching at James Madison University since 2016, she has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on her students. With specialties in Epidemiology and Chronic Health and Disability, Dr. Merrell has inspired her students to challenge themselves every day. Danielle … Continue reading Professor Spotlight #3: Laura Merrell

RateMyProfessors Spotlight #1: Rich Hilliard

As mentioned in a previous post, James Madison University was ranked third on the list of highest rated universities of 2016-2017 on With an overall quality rating of 4.5 out of five, and an average professor rating of 3.81, there’s no doubt that we have some pretty incredible educators here at JMU. We decided to … Continue reading RateMyProfessors Spotlight #1: Rich Hilliard

JMU’s Top Professors: Dr. Warner

The man that has given arguably the best speeches at orientation, graduation, and other clubs and events, rightfully has a perfect 5.0 on the Rate My Professor website. Dr. Warner never fails to captivate an audience of any size with his extremely inspirational speeches. After meeting him, it's nearly impossible to not walk away with a smile and … Continue reading JMU’s Top Professors: Dr. Warner