A Day in the Life: Nursing Students

You may recognize these dedicated students walking around campus in purple scrubs. These are JMU Nursing students who have successfully been admitted into the competitive program--students who are passionate about improving the health and lives of the people around them. JMU's reputable nursing program prepares these students with real-life experience and challenging coursework. Hannah Coulter … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Nursing Students

Professor Spotlight #3: Laura Merrell

Laura Merrell is one of JMU Health Science major's favorite, most trusted professors. While she has only been teaching at James Madison University since 2016, she has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on her students. With specialties in Epidemiology and Chronic Health and Disability, Dr. Merrell has inspired her students to challenge themselves every day. Danielle … Continue reading Professor Spotlight #3: Laura Merrell