JMU Secret Society IN8 Recognizes Altruistic Students

Campus was abuzz with whispers among students who noticed eight letters with candles displayed on the Wilson hall steps this morning. Word quickly spread that the equivocal IN8 Reticent Order had recognized its eight outstanding students for the semester. If you're not sure what IN8 is or does, you're part of the majority. IN8 is … Continue reading JMU Secret Society IN8 Recognizes Altruistic Students

Alternative Spring Breakers

JMU's Alternative Break program allows students to participate in service opportunities over Thanksgiving and Spring Break, going to different locations around the United States and abroad. Ben Adams and Jamie Simpkins both participated in JMU Alternative Spring Break this year. Check out what they had to say about their Alternative Spring Break experiences: Jamie Simpkins: … Continue reading Alternative Spring Breakers

Going Greek

Greek life is something many students are interested in when they go to college. However, many times students’ perceptions don’t match the reality that is Greek life. According to JMU’s office of fraternity and sorority life, a Greek organization is “a group of individuals with similar interests bonded together by common goals, aspirations, and shared … Continue reading Going Greek