JMU X-Labs Hosts First All-Female Event

Written in collaboration with Julia Shawver. On Monday, January 29th, JMU X-Labs hosted its first all-female event. The event, dubbed "Fab Lab", offered a plethora of activities, all designed to reflect some women's interests. The idea behind the event was to raise awareness for the resources X-Labs offers, particularly for women, who seem to be … Continue reading JMU X-Labs Hosts First All-Female Event

Study Spots Around the ‘Burg

With finals fast approaching, you're probably frustrated to realize your favorite campus study spot has been overtaken. Not to worry, there are plenty of places around Harrisonburg that have room to accommodate hard-working students, many within easy walking distance of campus. Whether you like to learn while sipping on a latte and enjoying a little … Continue reading Study Spots Around the ‘Burg

JMU Secret Society IN8 Recognizes Altruistic Students

Campus was abuzz with whispers among students who noticed eight letters with candles displayed on the Wilson hall steps this morning. Word quickly spread that the equivocal IN8 Reticent Order had recognized its eight outstanding students for the semester. If you're not sure what IN8 is or does, you're part of the majority. IN8 is … Continue reading JMU Secret Society IN8 Recognizes Altruistic Students

JMU: Then and Now

Whether it was Madison College or James Madison University when they attended, many alumni and current students alike agree that Madison gave them an experience unlike any other. In honor of Homecoming, here's a post dedicated to all the ways JMU has evolved throughout the years. No matter your class year, we hope JMU still … Continue reading JMU: Then and Now